This is of course,But just at this time,I suddenly heard a sound outside。

“Starlight entertainment,Hurrup people。”
“if not,Don’t blame me, you are welcome.。”
With this sound,A time between,It is even more curious about the face of those people around.。
Say here,what is the problem?
Those people around them are curious,Look at the eyes。
Xia Pingan,It is a slight frowning。
“go,Look out。”
Such a thing,But a good time that can be expressed in front of Shen Xuan。
Xia Ping is originally don’t want to do this.,but,Now,In fact, it is a lot of people.,The whole material is not。
And this time,Shen Xuan is slowly lifting his head to look at it.。
The more like this,Treat these,Shen Xuan is very calm。
“Look,It should be that Shaojia Entertainment people have come to find。”
Shen Xuan finished,Lin Xuewei is a beautiful movement,The next conscious look at the distance。
Such a thing,In fact, Lin Xuewei itself,It is completely unpredictable.。
but now,Lin Xuewei is a little curious.:“What should we do now,Will it be in order to entertain,Hand out of us?”
Others don’t have some worry,If it is really like this,That is too bad.。
But Shen Xuan,It is a swing against this.。
“fine,do not worry,First, etc.。”
Chapter 202, you dare to come,I will dare to fight
For this matter,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,Don’t you。
After all, from the current,How to solve this time,In fact, it is not in Shen Xuan.。
Insert oneapp: Perfect complex, the old version of the artifact
Most important,Still want to see them.。
In this case,Shen Xuan’s consciousness looked at the eyes。
Look at the front,Shen Xuan is very lightweight。
not far away,Shao Zhi’an is directly found with Shaojia’s people.。
When he looked at Shen Xuan and others,The anger in the eyes is imagined。
If it is not Shen Xuan’s words,Shao Zhian will not turn this.。
“I found you half a day.,I didn’t expect to meet you here.。”
“Previous thing,Now I will comply with you.!”
When Shao Zhan’s words said,His side,Other people see,It’s even more。
Subsequent,These people have,I plan to catch people directly.。
But at this time,not far away,A voice,Suddenly sound。

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