This is like a sword light like a Galaxy waterfall directly in the air.,It’s like a sword to fall from the sky.。

This sword is smashed into a black aperture。
Black diaphragm has skyrocket。
The unsuccessful sword light and this black aperture have burst into violent impact,A violent power hits the impact to four sides,This slamming is for a mess。
Be awkward!
The black aperture was broken。
NS1156chapter Propose marriage
“Overbearing sword,Don’t be a solitary sword!”
Hitra quietly standing in the void,His figure is unhappy:“I lost。”
“Mr. Hitra,You don’t lose,I lost it.。”Lin Aoye laughs。
“Yes,Hitra big brother,you win。”Jiehua is also laughing。
“Do not,Do not,First,You don’t have your strength,There is a strong sword in your sword.,You keep at least one point。”Hitra laughs:“second,You also practice the big thunder knife,And I feel that your Yuan god horror is incomparable。”
Lin Prohn heard the heart in mind,After laughing:“Mr. Hitra,the same as you,Not fully。”
“All right,Don’t argue。”Just in this time, a sound was sounded.,A shadow came over,This person is not someone else,It is Jehru。
Yeah chaotic eyes turbid look at Lin proud。
Jiexi is pleasantly pulled down Lin proud sleeves。
“Lin proud, see your big brother。”Lin Ao’s figure gave up,Laugh。
“No need,I am also an old friend with your big brother.。”Yeah chaos carrying hands smiling:“Your big brother is good,Actually taught you out,Concentrate into a no-sword,Your Yuan God is too powerful.。”
“Yeah chaotic big brother,You are welcome。”Lin You smiled。
“Take your current age,Blood gas,soul,It’s enough to be born with Nirvana.,The chance of success is 90%。”Yeah chaos continues,I am still very satisfied in my heart.。
No matter what regard, you can match Jieya。
“Yes,Little brother,I can use the power of the god.,If you have a good godman,Hey-hey,I am not your opponent.。”Hitra laughs:“I have served!”
“Mr. Hitra,I am lucky.。”Lin Youqian。
“Are you ready to be born??”Yeah suddenly looked at Lin Youdao。
“this,I am not ready。”Lin Proh He Yisheng shook his head:“I want to create a sword that belongs to myself.,Condensing the king’s imprint。”
Tell this,Yeah chaos,Hitra,The Lord is coming, but it is out of color.,Condensing the king’s imprint,If you enter the nine heavens,Under the chaos that is not in front of him。
Just this road is difficult。
I have almost rarely see such people in the past few years.。
Even in ancient times,It is also a big person in leader group.。
“it is good,it is good,it is good!”Yeah chaotic original turbid eyes,Chabilight,It is like a hole in the same way.,Looking at Lin proud after a moment:“There is a kind of,However, it is difficult to create a sword.,You want to be clear,Once failed,You will be very likely to lose the best news.,to be honest,You now know,Retomize the blood of the phoenix again,It’s almost the things on the iron board.。”

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