This matter,No matter where you are in any place。

What is the big man?。
“you want”Wang Guangming looked at the direction of the city,Hanjiang issued a question。
Han Jiang said:“I went to the city to get the upper collapse。”
Seeing Hanjiang does not have a little joke,Wang Guangming always feels weird。
However, the contest is to protect the sky.,Adhered to Hanjiang,If Hanjiang accident,Anyway, we can’t sin.,Wang Guangming naturally does not have a lot of mouth。
The tent of the local operation department is not far from here.,The terrain there is higher,Vision is better,Can directly observe the situation in the city。
Han Jiang took Lily to the side,The headquarters of the Office has only a few people.,More people go to evacuate the people.。
This is a small city,Many of the equipment of the warfare department,It is actually a few drones in the test city.。
“I am a student of Santa Feria School.,What is the current situation??”Han Rong went to a person who looked like a commander,Unexpectedly stopped,Can only explain。
Stop the staff who stopped from Han Jiang:“Currently evacuated people,Do you say that you are a student at the school??”
The reputation of San Fufer is very large.,But people who don’t know the world know。
Moreover,Cultivate the place where the god of Wushen,Most of the military base,The name of Hanjiang report isology,The staff still thought it was a volunteer of unknown university。
Han Jiang helpless look back,In this place, you still have to let Wang Guangming to operate.,He is looking for the door,The other party can recognize him.。
Especially Han Rong is still a male,This is even more convincing.。
“This classmate,Your kindness, our hearts,Cracking area has the collapse of the eye erosion,normal person”The staff is good to persuade Han Jiang to leave,Don’t add a chaos。
Han Jiang sighed,Still looking for Wang Guangming.。
It is not that he is not willing to kill the upper collapse.,In the case, there is no timely evacuation.,What should I do if I hurt the civilians when fighting?。
With Wang Guangming’s introduction,Thoroughly understand the situation after the situation,Rehabilitate more insurance。
The commander heard the sound of this,Remote command,Take a vacation:“College students are not idiot without brains,Since coming to the volunteer,Just follow the evacuation,We are very short of people now.,One more one is one。”
Chapter 274 Backward anti-collapsed drug
The staff sighs,Hanjiang asked:“Is it detected that cracked resistance??”
“never mind,First and so on。”
I haven’t finished it yet.,The staff lost Anjiang in the original place.,Walking towards the tent,But after a while, I took out two anti-alcoholic drugs to Hanjiang.。
“Take this,If the body has a dead horse injection,You should have learned in your course。”
since2000After the second decline,The high level also can’t hit things about collapse.,The movement is too big.。
then,The whole world has begun to adjust the teaching mode,Started to teach knowledge about collapse。
Normal high school students began learning Ding Point about collapse,In the university, students’ collapse and fusion are detected.。
Body-mine,Anti-collapsed drug injection,An attempt to become an ordinary person。
But the world is too big,It is impossible to achieve all possible popularization,Still some backward areas can’t get knowledge popularization。
This can also look at the original world of Hanjiang.,Advanced places and inland education levels are different,Otherwise, the important thing of the college entrance examination is dry, and the local volume and national volume。
Cracking the world is also the same,Not the upper layer is not willing to be fully popular,Let the people learn the same,Where is the place?,Those professionals,Universal。
This city,Obviously belongs to the backward city。
Han Jiang looked at the pharmaceutical model in her hand,At least three versions of the civil models than the surrounding area of Santa Fuya,Not to mention the dedicated drugs,The difference is too far.。
But he did not refuse,There are a lot of men here or men.,Evolution of the people of the people,There must be these pharmacy that must be used by members of the Office.。

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