Very harmonious scene。

The final turnover only has to benefit——Buy cotton candidates,Buy onion oil,Buy buns,Buy sugar gourd,Let them eat,This successfully let them promise to watch the lively, only to see a small party is enough.。
http://www.igaoer.cnThen a party placed a long team, Slowly walking down,At the same time purchasing materials。
Scene is more harmonious。
Purchasing materials are still difficult,The difficulty is to bargain。
The people here buy vegetables have been habitable.,Therefore, the quotation of the vendor is often inaccurate.,You will be pitted if you don’t pay attention。
Zhou is can’t do this.,He neither knows the price of vegetables and does not bargain.,I still have to see Xiao Zheng girl and Nange.,What he has to do is to go to the code when Nan Ge is looking back.,Then put the vegetables into the cloth bag hanging on the horseback.。
Zhou Zhi Long sighed。
Xia Zheng girl behind him is concerned about:“Are you tired??”
Zhou Shaken shook his head,Hesitate,Unknown:“I feel like a fool。”
槐 站 站 他,I spent on both sides of the mouth on the side of the mouth.,One side agreed:“You really stupid。”
Zhou Zhi twist silently viewed him。
The group drilled from the nanny hat,Two small claws look at him on the edge of the hat,Brittle comfort:“Zhouzhi you are not stupid,You just have a little bit more than the group.。”
Zhou is very touched。
槐 continues with sugar gourd,Asked them:“Do you bought this??”
Turn around,Nan Ge is going to bend on a small booth to ask the price of eggplant,Get an answer, pick it up and pick it up.,Pick out the problem,Then face serious and vendors to negotiate the price,Hearing the voice, like a vegetable venue,Can hold the sugar gourd again,Like a little girl。
Last year’s epidemic cut hair,It’s a little longer now.,From the shoulders,It looks beautiful。
“Two five,Do we buy three don’t have to get?”Nan Ge is looking back,“A donkey,Two cut into pieces roast。”
“Have to get。”Zhouzhan does not move。
“Um?”Nang Ge,“You blame。”
“Where is weird?”Zhou Zhijing stares with her,I suck the nose,“That picks three.。”
“Click one’s tongue……”
Zhouzhi inexplicably distressed,But the expression is still constant,I looked at her picked a big two slender eggplant.,Reviewed scales。Total is a few dollars.,Several dollars also spend money,How much is a little understanding。
“Ok?Still bought??”
“It seems to be almost,Xiao Zheng see if there is any omission。”Nan Ge handed him to him.,“Bought eggplant,Clown,Flat mushroom、Muster mushrooms and mushrooms,Oh, there is this little potato。”
Nan Ge grinned laugh,Then said:“That’s it.,Anyway, it is mainly to buy a mushroom mushroom.。”
The group took the head from her hat.:“Aunt……”

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