Renmin University of Renmin University。

Eight years ago。
eat hot pot。Happen,Memory of sparse in mind,Can’t make a picture。
NS842chapter You have been here.
In the picture。
A man in a Pu Tutong,Embrace a smoke,Summer, smiling, looking opposite, sultry, summer。
“There is no love in love.,I am still falling in love.,Waiting for a while。”
Men’s voice gives a sense of thick feelings,“Moreover,Maybe there is room for recovery.,I will help you tell me and say and。”
opposite,Summer shakes your head,Self-laugh,“no need,I intend to drop out of school。”
“retreat,Drop out of school?”
“Um。”Two two cups on the summer,Drink all,“Now I feel that there is nothing to do so.。”
“Yes, what are you ready to do??Looking for a job??”Men’s eyes flashed。
“I have no idea。”
“If you really don’t want to go to school,I give you a mind.。”
Men sucked a smoke,Smoke,Shake your face,“Not as good as a soldier,I have a friend who has some relationships in the troops.”
“it is good,Then I will go to the army。”
The picture of memory is stopped。
The smoke shaking the man’s face in the summer mind。
For a long time,If the picture is separated from the shattered pendant, the debris falls into the memory sea.。
“Summer。Are you OK?”
The voice of the ancient wind came,Doubt,Eye look。
Summer breathing,Shake the shaking head,“Thanks。I invite you to eat.。”
After the end,Take a step forward。
See him,The more and more frown of the ancient trend,Some inexplicable。
Summer returning office,After the door,The whole person is on the sofa,Slightly,I don’t know what I am thinking.。
then,When he was high school,I still have a few friends.。
In fact, it is not a friend.,At the moment, it can only be counted.,Alias or familiar。
E.g,The old man who often practicing punches in the school opposite square。
E.g,That is often at the school entrance, etc.,Always a man with a servant
At that time he,Every day, there are habits of going to school.,I often meet them.,
There are more times to meet.,Will smile nodded,Then I greeted each other and greeted each other.。
Then,I occasionally stop chatting。
Although there is an age gap,It can feel that it can be discussed。

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