Chen Jiajun is obviously not knowing this matter.,Obviously quite surprised。

“Of course。”
Xu Wenle is clear,Summer stare,“You are called summer.,Yesterday, I called my brother.,Look on a soft face,下 apologize,This matter has passed。”
This sentence,Chen Jiajun and Han Jingjing immediately face a smile,The eye is infinite vicious color。
Confused summer。
After heard the words, I picked the eyebrows.。
Upper and down, Xu Wenle。
Fame after laughing。
Pulse a sentence。
“Laozi is not your three,Apologize。”
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First1496Chapter This woman has a problem.
First1496Chapter This woman has a problem.
I am not your own。
When the summer is in impatient voice, this sentence。
Xu Wenle three people are all,Tightful。
Instead, it is surrounded by a lively company staff can’t help but laugh.。
For the company’s light wave commander,Also specialized security department minister,Baihua Group employees have long been like a thunder。
Especially when he and Liu Qingqing lovers are exposed,About things that have been done before the summer,Are each of the employees。
For example, he came to the company on the first day.,Also in the corporate door, Wang Yan scared a dog’s blood sprinkler。
The gun,It’s impunity.。
Laughing,Xu Wenle three people have a color,Be angry。
“You say one more!”
Xu Wenle bite his teeth stare at the summer。
Summer stunned,Then look at Xu Wenle with an abnormal look.。
“You just came out from the mentis yard?I want to listen more more words.?”
That look,That is to look at an idiot that I can’t understand.,“Ok,Since you are so sincere,I will be difficult to say it again.,I am not your grandfather.,Apologize?”

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