This thing is the trust of thunderous dragon horses,Let Han Jiang take good buds。

Buds rely on their own capabilities to fully master the power of the law,Too knife should be collected.。
“Not give!”Han Jiang is straightforward,Asked:“You really want to stay.?”
“I can hear it.,Two Members in the reverse entropy jurisdiction are unknown,The parliament must be chaotic into a pot of porridge.,You still don’t go back?”
Ai Minstan said:“That is the hand of the assignment of the law。”
Han Jiang is anxious,“The support of the subjects sneaked into the city where the retropy of the headquarters.,You still don’t worry?”
Ai Yinstein is light and clouded:“Even if the governor is not working,I will also make Tesla,Several Members,Don’t be tight。”
“Focus on this storm city,Most of the power of the law is here,The cause of the other places is just hidden with ears.。”
“And it is so big to block the work of the Baikal Lake Base.,Delivering the law, I don’t know if there is big events.?”
“oneSLevel has no feelings and carries a lot of fire-moving machines.,What is the signing of the law??”
Han Jiangsu:“Can be safe……”
“Ah。”Ai Minstan suddenly laughed,Go to Hanjiang,Want to shoot his shoulders,But Han Jiang is too high.,Can only take the arm,Use Tesla’s tone:“Boy,We are successful from the first crash.,And experienced the second crash,Don’t read scientists,asshole!”
Walter also shrugged with a smile,Say:“you saw it,Is this dangerous?。”
First collapse and second crash,Make the birth of the split in reverse entropy,Once, it is an empty law with multiple cores.。
Regardless of which is not a disaster that behind the law。
Reverse entropy now,But it is a wind to rain.,Scientists from the war。
“All right……”
Han Jiang’s heart,A bit 拗 拗 拗 拗。
Ai Yinstein comfort:“It’s fine,I believe you can。”
“After successfully discussed the machine,I can also study in depth,The first time masters the technology that fired moths,This is a great help to us。”
“That,That line!”Han Jianghu shakes the hand,“How is love?,I do not care。”
Serious thunder and thundermallow is amused,Valter:“This kid has no way.,Ha ha!”
Every time he contacts the buds,The most hearing is about Shenzhou’s customs.,There is also a child of Hanjiang.。
Even if Han Jiang is eating Dr. Einstein,Thundermond dragon horses are still very happy,Like a breath。
“but!”Han Jiang improves the sound emphasis:“Be sure to wait for my signal,Or buds and Qi Yana’s communication,Can’t enter in advance。”
Einstein:“Don’t have to emphasize,You have a young man who has no long Qi to teach us.?”
Hanjiang Rapida。
He can also pull it in front of Tesla in the temper.,But in front of the love of Sislai,He is a sentence, saying that he can’t export。
Afternoon,The children of the Canocian orphanage have been taken away.,Beibe Long is far from the escort。
Mainly Qi Yaina is afraid that Beibelong will see her dangerous.,Don’t live。
This time is three-party cooperation,No one wants to top in the first line。
The enemy is very powerful after all,Han Jiang Yu Qi Qiana and Buds,No one can force it to block in front。
Everyone is all high-spirited,If you have no negligence, there is no advance defense.,I am afraid that Han Jiang can’t stand it.。
Two days later,The fire in the fire appeared outside the storm city.,Han Jiang, they and their days。
That is Luolian,I heard that a very mad girl is can’t stand up.。

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