Here is the day of the day。

Their door is open,Two guards are still standing at the door。
“Invite a message,Spring”Quan Wei looked at the guards of the two white eyes。
They tied with a bunch of tapes forehead,Be a person。
But the guards at the door have seen the springs.,Then I didn’t respond.。
“Ah,Is this a Mawei?,sure”Spring is smirk。
“Hey,Friends don’t give face”Spring slowly went to the guard。
“Day from the day,Old people must not enter”Guard lifted the weapon in his hand stopped the spring。
A guard is flying,Falling on the ground, dizzy。
“I said that you can’t understand people or it’s ok.,I have to do it.”Spring said faintly,Then look at another guard next to the guard。
“Can be notified”
That defending the swallow,Just ran in。
Quanyi looked at the door to see the guard,Also slowly go in。
Originally wanting to speak,But now the other side is welcome.,Quan Wei is not very polite.。
Spring is not far away,There is a big group of people soon.。
“Group,I like,come,Go together”
Springs are on the air,Posterwardly。
A group of flying cannon。
“stop”A sound sound。
Is the Positive Lord?,I don’t know if I am guilty.,Still coming to people。
Is it this plot in the TV series??
“You are the spring?”An old man came out from the separate crowd。
“Oh,Who are you?”Spring looked at the forehead of each other,This is a person。
“Old man,Daily”Old man said。
“I remember,I am a worship.,And I as a brother,Formally, no one will meet,Your shelf is a bit big.,I can’t afford my teacher.,Still”
Spring is not polite。
“no,We have no such thing as this”On the day, I will sweat in the forehead.。
I would like to be difficult for this little ghost.,Who knows that he will take the identity,Whoever gets this?!
“That is still thinking that you are your private property.,You can not be a day?”Spring is looking around a circle,Talk,Just don’t be the other party?。
“Misunderstand,Misunderstand,Why do you all do it?,Go down,Spring, I will follow me.,I just came to welcome you.,I didn’t expect you to come early.”
This day is still a relatively smooth,No wonder will be sent。
Spring is not talking,It’s directly following it.。
Can complete the matter without trouble,It is the need for Spring.。
But now it seems that the other party is very unfriendled.,I don’t know if it is a day.,Still other than other people。
These are unable to stop the spring,The things in his arms must not agree with them.。

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