This is in the eyes of everyone around them.,All the mouth is big,Eye-catching,Like seen something incredible。

Which is standing next to the summer,Like this。
Looking at the summer with an unbelievable gaze……This comrades,It seems extremely uncleary?。
“What did you say??
Which hybrid hit him?
You have to go to him?”
Hu Ye’s face suddenly,Like it is like a lot of effort,Directly on the ground。
“Summer,Me,I don’t know if you are,Forgive,Forgive……”Hey!He actually worked,Be in front of so many people,Homony。
This is in the eyes of people.,All is like a stadium by magic division.,Villain。
Another voice came。
Look,I saw the total of Zhang standing.,Once again。
Be scared。
Even if he is stupid and realized,In front of this youth,I am afraid that I am scared.。
Otherwise,Hu Long is not this posture。
“Get up。”
Summer voice came,“Since you are the helper I invited,I am not difficult for you.,But you need to give me an account.。”
Hu Yeyou godd a slim,Then reveal the color of the ecstasy。
“Summer rest assured,I must give you a satisfactory explanation.,I swear……”He stood up。
Turn around。
Turning a moment,It turns again into the boss of the people who are scared.。
A pair of eyes stare at Zhang。
“Bamboo,Hu Ye,You……”Hu Ye bite his teeth,I can’t get each other to unload eight pieces.。
Laozi is almost tired by you.。
He bent down the waist,Pick up a wooden stick,即 大 大 步 来。
“Hu Ye,What do you want to do?……”“What?
Laozi wants to die, you have this hybrid!”
Hu Ye face,Come to the near,Put up the wooden stick。

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