Xia Jian is like a kid who did something wrong,Bowed his head embarrassedly,Xiao Xiao quickly said:“dad!People are wounded now,Why do you say him when you come,You see how embarrassed he is”

Xiao http://www.pngd-sewing.cn Xiao’s words,Made a few people laugh,The ward was suddenly warmer。
“It’s midnight,You won’t use it,I’m fine”Xia Jian glanced at his watch,A little sorry。
Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“Don’t be polite,You know,I don’t want to meet acquaintances now,So I can only come and see you in the middle of the http://www.nesed6.cn night,As long as you are okay,The situation last night was really scary,If you really can’t wake up,What can you do with the startup group??”Although Xiao Xiao was polite,But Xia Jian saw,To say this,Eye circles are still a little red。
“Since I’m in good spirits,Just talk about last night,I want to hear“Old Xiao has a serious face。
Xia Jian thought for a moment,Just take what happened last night,From beginning to end,Tell Old Xiao and Xiao Xiao in detail。
After a long time,Old Xiao just said:“child!You’re a bit reckless,You may have forgotten your current identity,Bucheon City looks quite big,Actually very small,Your every move now,All in the eyes of others,This thing last night,Just a fuse,They are afraid you know too much,So give you a little warning“
what?Xia Jian couldn’t help but feel a little strange,How can this old Xiao analyze everything so thoroughly?,Not like an old man at all,Don’t look at him walking the dog and raising flowers every day,But the events in Bucheon,Nothing he doesn’t know,Especially startup groups,He knows everything。
Xiao Xiao frowned,I looked at Xia Jian and said:“I will wrong you this time,When the future opportunity matures,Let’s settle the old and new accounts together,Zhu Hui, this stinky woman,You see how i clean up her“Xiao Xiao hates his teeth。
Three people sit down and have a chat,I don’t think it’s over three in the middle of the night,If this is notVIProom,The nurses have come to talk to them,In the end, Old Xiao still considered that Xia Jian recovered from his injury,Need to rest,He even persuaded and pulled Xiao Xiao out of the ward。
Probably the reason why Xiao Xiao came to see him,Xia Jian slept very well this time,When he wakes up,The nurses are ready to give him a suspension injection。The nurse washed his face http://www.shiliuzhuang.cn on the bed,Wiped hands,Then smiled and said:“Mr. Xia,It’s been past nine o’clock,You are eating the breakfast I bought for you,Or drink the porridge in the insulated lunch box?“
When the nurse saw Xia Jian hadn’t eaten breakfast,Hung up the medicine bottle and left。
Of course it was porridge made by Old Xiao,When I think about it,Xia Jian just swallowed。

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