Qin Fang has worked too much military affairs,Size,Actual experience is rich in all people present.,his words,The component is actually very heavy.。

“Leader,Although the drug consumption http://www.2812315.cn is good,But even if the poisonous death is no problem,Also think about,How is the mouse? Willing to eat the medicine.!”
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NS735chapter Afterwards(5)
The House of the Bohai Great Lord,Soon, it has recovered most,Those things that are taken away,More than half of it is coming back。That bloody“Gao Bo Yi Kul”,Not only did not become a joke,Instead, be a terrible prophecy。
Almost equivalent“Don’t say that”!
Rolling a head,Let some of some people who look high,Abandon those impetuous mind。
late at night,Cold wind,But the study is warm as spring。
Gao Bao is on the Taishi Chair,Hands played in hand,I don’t know which to grab a jade point,Proud to look at the fish on the ground。
Some people who robbed the Bohai Gongshui House were caught“Lose”,Spit out something,Many are not on the government,It was also taken away.,This jade gratich is one of them.。
Now the two in the study are under their own,All run,Naturally, the master of Gao Bo Yi will subsided。
“Leader,I am responsible for the arrogance of the military.。The fish praised this guy first joined my team.,Say know where to catch people。Then we are blocked,He put the other party again.。”
Chen Jiazhai’s Shandong Home Chen Zhen has said to Gao Biyi:“Ceremony,This is the head,And the first level is suspended in the three days of the camp。But he is not the Defense Army,So I am embarrassed to call him.,Handoff。”
Yo,Skilled in the military,really,As long as the environment is suitable,Even if the son of the Aiki in the mountains can grow up。
Gao Baoyi nodded。
Chen Zhen did not read what book,This paragraph is he looking for Yang Su.,Have a long time,In order to fluently,Actually there is still some difference。
“You do it well,Go to God’s commanders, Yan Yan,This guy, I will send it.。”
Gao Boyi pointed to the fish on the ground。
After finishing the jade and throwing jade:“Hold back,It is necessary to reward the rules of the gods.。”
“Bamboo!Emperience must die!”
Chen Zhen Qian We thank you.。
Wait,The fish struggled to get up,I didn’t expect Gao Bao, and I looked at him cold.,Deepness。
Fish praise is scared, not dare,Continue to kneel。
This is his instinct response to dangers.,N’t why,Ask, I am afraid.。
“Tell me,You have no feelings with high performance,Why is you going to drive??”
Gao Biyi asked,There is only a slim chair in the study room.。
“Leader,Although you didn’t say,but I know,Can’t grasp,Be sure to let go。So you are sent Chen Zhen this never seen high performance.,Implement a task for the Mi Han to the Yucheng Political Bureau is also unfamiliar。
Mean,You are actually hope that you will run away.,At that time,But it is a play to the high ocean.!”
Fish praise is the high ocean,Rather than Your Majesty,Light this http://www.cvtt123.cn choice,It’s enough to let others fall.!
“interesting,Talk about it.。You violate the military law,I want to know that the military law is ruthless.,Unless you do what you do is right。”
Gao Baoyi fake,Like asleep。Now he is majestic,I have established my own authority.,Even if you don’t have a spectral,Also let the fish feel pressureous。
“Lord’s ambition,Not when a high-ranking hawk dog,Support a two-year-old child to his pro-government,It is more nonsense.。If the main public denies it under,That fish is now in this place.,Because if,The fish will die with the main public early.,It is better to die now.。”
“Say,You still have a fragrant time to touch me.。”
“Yes。Leader,If it is high to go to Jinyang,Zhao Zhaojun will certainly support high performance。How do you do it in that paragraph??He is supporting high http://www.lvf-sale.cn performance,Still support the nephew Gaelong?
There is no department with all the best,How can Zhao Zhao can lead six peace??What happened to her again?,Must rely on Duan Yue as a bridge,In order to pinch the six towns。”
Merely,Fish praised the expression of Gao Biyi,I found that the other party didn’t have a sound,He continued:“Again,High performance is the heart of Zhaojun,He is not dead,Yan Zhaojun will not jump on the wall to give the city。
The main public is now not full.,It is really not suitable to completely turn your face。
Again,Gaozhen once gratified,This is still,In the future to deal with high performance,I will not say that the Lord’s back is letting the law.,Enpelled。”

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