His body is sharp and reduced,Suddenly affected impact plunge,Yin Lin Feng continues to shrink,However, the impactway continues to weaken。
“I am afraid that some powerful saints can come in.。”Lin Feng mysterical,This is the impact of Huangquan waterfall from the sky, although it can be done directly from the general half-step god.,But there is also a condition。
That is this half-step, the goddess board is constant.。
Feeling crisis,Direct reduction,Avoid crisis。
Body and board,Beltful impact is naturally getting bigger and bigger,Even http://www.fysanlultd.cn if the real quench is not too excessive to enlarge。
“This is indeed a good place,Australian practice place,Especially for the grinding of the meat shell。”Lin Feng’s figure continues to shrink,Directly to the depths of the waterfall。
Can’t tear space here,Because there is no space here.,All was smashed by Huangquan Waterfall,Walking in the waterfall, the whole person is heavy,Speed movement very slow。
When Lin Feng walks inside,Go directly into another space,This space is homerson,Let Lin Feng can’t help but hit a cold,Mountain surround,Evil atmosphere is flooded in this space。
Suddenly Lin Feng lost the color,He is most sensitive to fate,Directly touching this void residual fate。
I immediately went to the body of Lin Feng.,Follow the fate of this fate,After the fragrance, Lin Feng saw a figure.,I have http://www.jiangjun163.cn a distinguished breath,This is a man。
Or is a monk man,Wearing the costumes of the West Temple,This man is calm,Abused powerful war,A man who is being filled with evil。
The evil man is wrapped in a black cloth,阴 阴 森森,Take a bloody。
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Chapter 1,582 Reunion
“Secret temple!”
Lin Feng recognized the identity of this evil man at a glance,A strong man in the dark temple is actually,I am afraid that I am afraid that I am afraid that I have been here.。
“Boy,The fate of the temple in the West Tianzi, it seems that it is wrong.。”The voice of the sea sounded。
“Is a bit wrong,Let’s take a look again。”Lin Feng is sharp, looking at the void:“It’s not good to be a friend.。”
“wipe,So, I have to do it.?”Haihuang Wen said。
“Let’s take a look again,Maybe I don’t need me to do it.。”Lin Feng carrys the double hand。
Just when Lin Feng was falling.,The dark god hall wrapped in black cloth looked at the praise:“Boy,Put things out,This is something we are in the past.,Don’t take it!”
“joke,Incompetent?Don’t you go to the gods, you will not go to the gods.?”The praise of the praise:“Leading speed,Otherwise, I am welcome.!”
“Ha ha!Why is you welcome??Boy,Don’t think that I don’t know your identity.,You are probably not purebred,You should be a descendant of the monks and other low-priced race。”The dark god hall wrapped in the black cloth, the strong laughing:“Do you want me to shake?!”
“Oh,You find?Then you can die.!”
God’s strong people heard the cold,He suddenly rose a strange breath,This strange breath makes the monster of the soul.,A scarlet blood spit out。
He is like a burning,Swicked sound of burning water in the body。
“Boy,Small fate ban?You have the blood of people!”Men wrapped in black cloth lost color,He talks between the sky,Ready to escape。
But when his figure just rushed out,The monk man has been silent to come behind him.,The palm is on the back of the black.。
This palm is silent,Among them, the man wrapped in a black cloth was round.。
This man wrapped in a black cloth blown,Yuan God completely crashes into the empty。
The figurine of the monk man falls on the ground,A blood spit out,But he quickly stabilized,And took out a gourd in the backhand,Although this gourd is not like chaos gourd。
Can also be a first-class first Tian Lingbao。
The above words are engraved。

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