The debt upper limit lights "red light" Yellen warning: the US government or before December 15th

On November 17, according to the AFP, Washington reported on November 16. US Finance Minister Janet Yellen Local Tuesday Warned in a letter on Tuesday that the US government may use the money before December 15th, she encouraged her Members raise the US debt upper limit to avoid debt default.

According to reports, in recent months, the Democrats and Republicans have no longer the problem of improving the US debt upper limit in Washington. In October, when he had to reach the upper limit in a few days, they agreed to implement $ 480 billion in temporary increase. Yellen said that temporary capital increase will allow the government to run from December 3.

In the letter written to the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, this finance minister believes that she predicts the deadline will be about two weeks. But she warned: do not exclude this situation: The Ministry of Finance has not enough resource to continue to provide funding for the operation of the US government.

Yellen wrote: In order to ensure the full reputation and credit of the United States, Congress must increase or suspend the debt ceiling as soon as possible.

While the new chaos appeared, the reconstruction of Joe Biden is a better future plan to conduct a lasting negotiation, the program aims to invest in the US dollars for social services and education in the United States.

According to reports, Republicans oppose this motion and said that they will not agree to improve their debt ceiling to pay for them, although most of the US government’s debt is used for the expenditure approved by the Democrats and Republican Governments. (Compilation / Yang Ke).

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