Xinjiang Museum has a "cultural relics to repair the lady"

Source: Tianshan Net – Xinjiang Daily Original Tianshan Net – Xinjiang Daily reporter Gao Fang Xinjiang Museum Cultural Relics Science and Technology Protection Center, built in a small building in the Xinjiang Museum, the whole building quietly The show has formed a stark contrast.

On November 4th, in the textile group studio in the first floor, the reporter saw the cultural relics repaired teacher Liu Ji, Ma Yelong, Zou Yingjie and Jiashuhan, Qing Yixiang’s Niangjun.

  Time is long, there is no feeling 5 years ago for those tastes, the positive documentary "I am in the Forbidden City Repair", with many curiosity, the reporter interviewed Liu Xu and Ma Ye, in this cultural relics repair room. At that time, only 28-year-old, is already the backbone repairman in the group.

  They wear white coat, wearing a mask and gloves on the workbench, put the needlework, angle, tweezers, and magnetic strips in hand, is like a doctor is like a tailor.

In the studio, there are special professional instruments such as cultural relics cleaning table, clean screen, and fume hood. There are also work items that are not phased in the laundry machine, humidifier, sewing machine, children’s suction device, etc.

  Compared with 5 years ago, the furniture in the studio did not change much, but Liu Ji and Ma Yezhen have grown into a senior cultural renapacity in the group. In Xinjiang Kashi-Museum Tibet, Tibet, I have just selected 2021 National Top Ten Cultural Relics Repair Projects, they assumed the organization and repair of multiple cultural relics. After 90, Zou Yingjie and Jiashuhan were the new generation in the textile group, and the average age of completed repairs was less than 30 years old.

  Cleaning the cultural relics is the first level of textile cultural relics repair.

When Liu Ju said, there was a study of cleaning, sterilization, smoothness and other basic restorations in recent three years.

Some newly unearthed textiles have been mixed with weeds, but also adheres to the corpse. It will make a very unpleasant smell when they return to the tide; sometimes it will find a whole worm egg & hellip; & hellip; for the first interview with Liu Jime She talked about these little frowned. Time is long, there is no feeling for those tastes.

Now I need to overcome the mental obstacles when I fix the cultural relics, and Liu Ji has not been intentionally.

  The cultural relics are as long as they are placed, and they can be repaired in our way, and there is slowing here.

Liu Ji said that this time, this time, in the textile artifact repaired by the Museum of Kashgar, there is a refester difficult to repair the yellow coating in the Qing Dynasty. At that time, it could be rolled into a piece of paper.

Because they are unbearable, they can only use the dust collector to carefully clean, and ensure that the cultural relics have been taken away when vacuuming. The dense pattern on the clothes is defective with a jaw. When making it, the alkali is branched, the degree of corrosion is high, and the pattern has been broken, the fabric is very crisp. From the shape determination, split, reinforcement, stamping, to the suture backing, block the needle line repair, until the shape is reduced, repair this silk robes, including Liu Ji, Ma Ye, Jia Shulhan, Zou Yingjie, etc. The cultural relics repaired the staff for a year and 5 months.

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