The sun palace has changed, just like standing in the center of the world!

Although the Hongkou traffic police have developed a detailed response program, and when there is a large passenger flow, the post, add police force to perform peripheral diversion and on-site counseling, but temporary measures are not long-lasting.

Hongkou traffic police immediately launched the investigation, found that the contradiction point is mainly in that vehicles to enter the shopping mall parking lot, causing conflicts with the cross-street pedestrians, leading to the intersection of vehicles. "The first day of opening has reached 220,000 people, and there are nearly 250,000 flows in the back holiday.

When the vehicle turns or left right in this intersection or left turn, it has to be rushed to the junction, and the flow of people will form a rush, which not only has a lot of people to rub the hidden dangers, but the traffic efficiency is also greatly reduced.

"Under the guidance of the main team road unit, Hongkou traffic police took out the renovation plan of the cross cross crossway line in the Ruihong Road Tianhong intersection, and completed the support for the district construction committee transportation center. Upgrade modification of the facility.

"Increased a signal of a separate pedestrian, after adding, pedestrians may wait a little bit more than the original, but the passive safety of them can guarantee; the passivity of motor vehicles north-south direction and things can also Make sure, more reasonable. "This set of plans, simple pedestrian signal lights, motor vehicles direct red lights and special-installed right turns red lights will also lit, so that the pedestrians are safe and improved. The passivity of the vehicle. The "combined punch" model of cross cross crosswalk and pedestrian dedicated signal lights is that the passage of motor vehicles and pedestrians are completely divided, ensuring that the two sides do not interfere with each other, and also avoiding motor vehicles turn to avoid pedestrians, general In Huaihai Road, Jing’an Temple and other business, the flow of people is more common.

The first group of cross cross crosswalks in the area was born.

Since then,.

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