Yanqing: Development specialty industrial village increases green farmers’ income

Original title: Development special industry village, greenery, greenery, rural rescue, beautiful Beijing, Beijing, Winter Olympics, the World Orance, the construction of beautiful rural, promoting farmers’ income.

On June 4th, the deputy secretary of the Yanqing District Committee, the district of the Boker, Beijing Radio and Television, "Rural Zhenxing District, Talk", talked, 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics are coming, as the three main sectors First, Yanqing District took advantage of "rural people’s environmental remediation", rural ecological environment, living environment, and production and life have undergone great changes. Yanqing is the agricultural area in Beijing, with a total of 18 street towns and towns, 376 administrative villages.

In the long introduction of the wave area, in order to improve the rural homage environment, Yanqing District landed seven safeguards: first borrowed the trend of Winter Oko Park, since 2018, Yanqing launched a three-year action of rural people’s environmental remediation, 2020 At the end of the year, Yanqing was rated as an advanced area of ??the national village cleaning action; second, Yanqing will promote the environmental remediation of rural people and create a national civilized city, create a national health zone, etc. The good atmosphere of catching the co-management; the third is "demolition", from 2018 to 2020, Yanqing demolished illegal construction of 2.28 million square meters, this year Yanqing is created basic without illegal zone; fourth is "dirty", from 2020 In the beginning, Yanqing 18 street township promoted the creation of the garbage classification model. At present, there have been 13 street townships through the municipal acceptance, 39 villages (communities) reached the garbage classification demonstration village (community) standard; fifth is "governing chaos" "The government departments will create a high standard landscape environment from the" first impression "entering Yanqing, along the high-speed, high-speed railway, etc. Green, Yanqing, through the construction of urban parks, green landscaping villages, increasing small green spaces, so that rural appearance is new; the last point is "Jianzhang", guaranteeing rural people’s environmental management, and consolidate people’s environmental remediation results.

  While the environment improves, it is necessary to let the "money bag" of the people. Yu Majun said in the program, Yanqing is hosted by the Winter Olympics, and the Winter Olympics will be organized, and the "special industry" will drive the masses, start a business, and income. The first is to develop the modern horticultural industry, Yanqing gathered nearly 200 modern horticultural enterprises, provided a large number of jobs; in addition, using rich aerial resources, Yanqing actively develop drone industry, and absorbed employment, so that rural guys become none Human-machine flying; with the Winter Olympics, Yanqing gathered a number of ice and snow enterprises, driving the relevant field employment.

  In order to achieve high quality, dignity, more decent employment, Yanqing District also divided the employment of young people into several aspects: first is to output to urban area, through "Yanhai Cooperation", provide a large number of public service positions and some high-tech Technical position; secondly, it is encouraged entrepreneurship, actively carrying out various types of categories of Science andch, Wenchuang, Tourism Entrepreneurship and other contests, providing a platform for innovative entrepreneurs; three is to vigorously carry out employment training, and by the government "buy", for example, for eligibility Yanqing District Urban and Rural Labor Works to carry out free skills training such as ski coaches, driver drivers, catering room services, promote higher quality employment; and groups of unconvenient or unable to go out, to use the system advantage, take the public service position The way to solve employment.

  Text / This newspaper reporter Cui Yifei photography / Zhang Yan (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing).

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