Speak ideological and political course with good examples of tackling poverty

  In the important moments 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, my country’s poverty alleviation campaign of obtaining a complete victory, all the current standards at 98.99 million rural poor out of poverty, 832 poverty-stricken counties all hat, million poor villages all out of the line, the overall regional poverty is resolved to complete the arduous task of eliminating absolute poverty, created a miracle after another splendid history. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Education is the plan of the country, the party’s plans.

"Great practice tackling poverty, and provides a number of vivid and moving, persuasive examples to speak good ideological and political course.

Colleges and universities should make good use of tackling poverty say good examples of ideological and political course, to further enhance the ideological and political course of the ideological, theoretical and affinity, targeted, and effectively accomplish the fundamental task Lide tree people, to gather up concentric Build Chinese dream of youth power. Guide students to listen to the party, then follow the party.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The new era of Chinese youth to listen to the party, then follow the party-minded concern for the fate of the heart, patriotic feelings."

Tackling poverty made remarkable achievements, by the party’s strong leadership, by the Chinese nation self-reliance, hard work of the spirit of quality, by the founding of New China, especially since the reform and opening accumulated a solid material basis, by the term next term dry stick perseverance, relying on the united struggle of the whole Party and people of all ethnic groups. The party’s 18 years, the national total of ten thousand villages to send teams, and more than 3 million of the first secretary of the village cadres, with nearly 2 million township cadres and millions of village cadres in a fighting poverty line, red flag always flying high in the main battle field of tackling poverty.

Youth are the future hope of the nation.

Speak ideological and political course with good examples of tackling poverty, help demonstrate the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, organization, execution, highlighting the party members and cadres in tackling poverty and selfless dedication, noble character risking his own life, so that young students a profound understanding of China the Communist Party is united and led the people to tackle tough, pioneering and forward the most reliable leadership, strengthen party-loving heart, always listen to the party, then firm, with the party’s confidence and determination.

  Guide students to establish feelings of the people. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "the Communist Party of China since its inception, to adhere to the well-being of the Chinese people, to seek rejuvenation of the Chinese mission as the beginning of the heart, to unite and lead the Chinese people for a long hard struggle to create their own better life.

"Tackling poverty so that the poor people to significantly improve the lives and further polish the bright background of our party the people-oriented concept, greatly enhancing the cohesion and solidarity of the whole Party and people of all ethnic groups.

The majority of cadres and poverty alleviation small family homes for everyone, with the poor masses twinning, recognize relatives, perennial overtime, hard working, hard in front of exclusion come, get on top of the key when the blood and sweat poured over thousands of miles, thousands of families . "Shabby old adobe houses, and now new home with bright; good thinking about the party’s policies, the people at heart radiant", the gratitude of the masses, happy feeling couplet written on the door, but also the Chinese Communist Party’s fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly Bearing in mind that in mind. Speak with good examples of tackling poverty ideological and political course, in favor of highlighting the feelings of party members and cadres of public servants, the people’s party of sincere affection, educate and guide young students a firm people stand, I learned excellent skills, the individual ego into the great motherland I, among people older than me, the same pace with the times, people with a common destiny, to better realize the value of life, sublimation realm of life. Guide students a firm system of self-confidence.

General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "to guide students to enhance the socialist road with Chinese characteristics and self-confidence, self-confidence theory, institutional self-confidence, cultural self-confidence." Whether the measure of a country’s system of success, whether superior, an important aspect is to see that all sides can command in the face of major struggles and challenges, organizations Octagon common response.

In this nationwide concentric action together to tackle the country, the party and government military and civilian learn an effort to make, East and West are united, east nine provinces, 14 cities and twinning Midwest 14 provinces, 307 central units designated helping 592 poor counties, the military designated helping 4100 poor villages, ten thousand private enterprises to participate in "000 enterprises to help ten thousand villages" precision poverty action. "Cited product of the force, but also numerous no; Trimaran’s act, also no fragmentation.

"8 years, the income level of the poor significantly improved, all to achieve" two to worry about three guarantees ", more than 20 million poor patients receive treatment classification, more than 960 million people" move poor nest "…… a bundle of data, a series of changes , is the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics is a vivid manifestation, provides a wealth of stories to tell a good ideological and political course.

These examples can, clear the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and national governance systems Why has the concentrating power, and so difficult to do significant advantages, continue to build a strong system of self-confident young students ideological foundation.

  Bravely assumed the responsibility to guide students era.

Generation is a generation Long March generation is a generation of play.

To win this tough battle in tackling poverty, the majority of young people to live Shaohua, live mission era of play, determined to struggle, fight the forerunner to tackle tough, selfless dedication, showing the youthful style.

Some just out of school headlong into the countryside, to become the Student Village; some volunteered, out of the office came to the village, the people around him become a young secretary; some give up out successfully established businesses, back to the village led the villagers to become rich … … they are determined to interpret bright color, to enthusiastic embark on the journey of struggle, perseverance to write no regrets youth.

Youth upward, age forward.

Ideological and Political Education of College Students can vividly tell the story of the struggle of youth in tackling poverty, to speak out patriotism, Chi youth, stimulate the emotional resonance of the younger generation, to guide young students to embrace a new era, a new progressive era, the dreams of youth into the Chinese dream, let the youth for the motherland and the people, as a nation, as a human sacrifice in the glow of a more brilliant luster.

  (The author is vice chairman of CPPCC Jiangxi Province) (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Ye Chiu).

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