Zibo Tax: "First Violet Punction" Tax Enforcement More Temperature

"Hello, our unit is a company just registered in August this year. The accounting business is still unskilled. Forget the stamp fees last month, how should we deal with it? Will there be penalties?" The State Administration of Taxation Zhoucun District Taxation Bureau received a telephone number of Ms. Yang, a financial person in charge of a Metal Products Co., Ltd. The staff of the Zhou Village Taxation Bureau found that the company belongs to the first illegal and has not exceeded the tax authority to limit the limit.

The staff immediately explained to Ms. Yang: In order to further promote the "venting service" reform, better service market entities, optimize the tax business environment, according to the "Tax Administrative Punishment", the list of "list", for the first time In the list of matters listed in the list and the consequences of harm, the tax authorities were discovered before the tax authorities were corrected or corrected within the time limit of the tax authorities ordered to correct, and Ms. Yang was in line with the "first violation of the penalty". .

Therefore, the staff conducted overdue declarations through the Electronic Taxation Bureau through the Electronic Taxation Bureau, while reminding Ms. Yang in the future, remembering the declaration within the declaration period.

Ms. Yang was pleased to say: "Thank you very much, the country’s policy is getting more and more humanized, the service of the tax department is also increasingly positioned. We must remember to complete the declaration within the deadline, no longer appear again. "It is understood that" I will carry out "I will pay a practical practice of the taxpayer to pay the festival" and further implement the Tax Administrative Punishment of the State Administration of Taxation "first violation" list, better service market main body, the country The Tax Office Zibo City Taxation Bureau actively implemented the "first violation of the penalty" policy, through the posters of the tax service department, issued a variety of channels, tax companies, and the tax bakes, etc., vigorously introduce the introduction; The first violation of the "policy implementation work case, strengthening window staff business training, etc. Penalty "policy landing, providing strong support for the healthy development of enterprises.

Shanxi Co., Ltd. is also the beneficiary of "the first violation of the penalty" policy. Due to business needs, the company purchased a housing in Zhangdian District. When handling a cross-regional tax source, due to the tax division, Ms. Guo is not familiar with relevant taxes Policy, only payment taxes, but not declared real estate tax and urban land use tax.

After the State Administration of Taxation Zibo City, the taxpayer learned that after the situation, the State Administration of Taxation took the initiative to carry out policy publicity counseling and issued the "Notice of Raising the Correction". In view of the company’s first illegal act, it is possible to change the "first violation" condition in accordance with the conditions of the "first violation". Since this year, the Zhangdian District Taxation Bureau has integrated "convenient people’s taxation", earnestly implement the "Tax Administrative Punishment" of the State Administration of Tax Administration, "Taxation", pay attention to the use of prudential inclusive supervision measures, by adopting flexible law enforcement, talks Warning and other non-strong law enforcement methods, just flexible, so that law enforcement has both efforts and temperature, effectively improves tax law compliance and social satisfaction.

"I thought I had to receive a fine notice, I did not expect the tax authorities not only to explain the propaganda tax policy, but also take care of the taxpayer more in law enforcement.

I have to learn more about tax-related laws and regulations in the future, and fulfill their tax obligations. "Ms. Guo, who is free from payment, the company’s taxation, is the warmth of the" first violation "policy.

Through this experience, Ms. Guo also turned from the beneficiary of the policy to the propaganda. When she met such problems in a friend who met the financial staff, she always explained the policy in time, for this Further development of further development. Next, Zibo City Taxation Bureau will continue to innovate tax administrative law enforcement methods, implement micro-illegal acts "first violations" system, guide illegal taxpayers to correctly correct or constitute illegal activities within a limited time, deepen taxlers’ ideological understanding of illegal behavior, Promote tax compliance to make tax law enforcement accuracy, more temperature. (Zhang Chengcheng) (Editor: Nie Jun, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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