Specialty graduation, you should know if you apply for these things to study abroad.

  After the national diploma, some students wanted to go to foreign universities to continue to study a master’s degree.

For college students, there are ways in which to apply to study overseas, what issues need attention? First undergraduate diploma to apply to the British master’s universities, for example, to get Chinese students to three-year college degree may enroll in the third year of a UK university courses directly through the Top-up (ie undergraduate final year), after the successful graduation can take to British undergraduate degree recognized by the Ministry of Education, you can continue to apply for postgraduate level courses.

  In fact, Top-up equivalent to the domestic Undergraduate courses Bachelor of standards is to achieve the British education system specially designed for the continuation of the course.

It requires early learning content specific and rigorous, the students into the Top-up courses, to continue learning college degree or related discipline learned.

This means that if the student domestic professional specialist in the UK is not set up Top-up course, it will not be able to complete Upgraded in the UK.

  Compared with the other part of the Master’s matriculation students to choose, Top-up courses for higher language requirements IELTS score requirements in 6 or more points, the higher part of the professional requirements, some universities will offer language courses to students the basic standards of a minor, to improve students’ language skills, to ensure that students have the ability to complete the final year of undergraduate English courses heavy tension. The segmented by planning, at the same time enhance the language skills of students, but also to gradually adapt to foreign learning environment. Note that, the creation of university ranking Top-up is generally not front, students should advance understanding of the situation set up school-related projects targeted to complete the application. Some French universities also offer courses in the form of Top-up similar. After the three-year vocational graduates to meet the country no less than 550 hours of learning French and admitted to the French level B1 and above, can obtain admission to France after French language school or pre-university, college preparatory school or complete language learning, enter the final year of undergraduate admission to the University, in the process, there are requirements for students of Chinese college entrance examination scores. In some offers English teaching programs of French universities, if not less than IELTS students and professional match with optional English teaching project, directly into the final year of undergraduate admission to the University or to apply for admission to Master.

  Pre-Masters by entering the target institution will not complete the conversion Undergraduate degree, but in the Pre-Masters as a transition, and then into the master stage of learning, but also a lot of college students’ choice.

If the student has not been admitted to the school meet the admission requirements of IELTS score when applying for a British university, you can apply for 6 months to 1 year Pre-Masters, which contains 3-6 months of language courses and passed the matriculation exam then began postgraduate level study.

Pre-Masters schools offer no shortage of world-renowned universities, students are relatively more extensive range of options. Wang Caiwen 2019 graduated from the University of Glasgow, after she enrolled in a college in Guangdong, talk about their students to apply experience, she has very mixed feelings. "My heart still have a dream schools, college entrance examination did not always feel to play its due level, I am a little can not be reconciled." She said.

  In fact, even before Pre-Masters, ultimately successfully admitted to the British elite is not easy, because the elite of the matriculation results and IELTS scores are enormous demands. After matriculation exam, Wang Caiwen achieved IELTS score of 7, well into the grid big school.

  "Some people say that the threshold of college students apply for a British Pre-Masters is not high, is not so, depending on what the goal of college students Is top-ranked colleges and universities will not relax their admission requirements, students must complete the preparatory phase carefully study, get good results, will be more and more chance of winning. "Wangcai Wen said.

  Relevant institutions of many countries opened a Pre-Masters courses, including relatively popular destinations, Canada, Australia, Ireland and so on, for example, Australia’s Deakin University School of Business on the creation of a special MQP liters Master courses, as education is not enough master’s student in front of the transition, the domestic three-year college graduates can apply for IELTS 6.

But note that, MQP as "non-degree courses," learning content often can not be directly included in the credits of the Master’s program, you can make the language training and academic subjects combination of "bridge" courses designed to help students enter Master phase of the study.

  Comprehensive consideration of long-term planning specialist school student if the student is not considered complete transformation in the overseas undergraduate degree, do not want to read the Pre-Masters, you can also apply directly to graduate students studying overseas institutions, but it is very difficult to apply this, schools for students academic performance, language proficiency, work experience has an extremely stringent requirements, has more than three years of work experience students can apply.

In addition, larger institutions is limited, some of the top-ranked schools often do not accept direct application. Industry analysts pointed out that the required learning institutions in different countries at different times, different application requirements, college students should consider their own comprehensive professional and language skills, time planning, economic capacity, and then choose the most suitable way of Shenshuo. Require an undergraduate degree or certificate students are more concerned about the continuity of education, can be considered the first undergraduate diploma abroad to continue their studies. If you have more confidence in their academic ability, you want to spend less time directly Master, you can also choose Pre-Masters favorite institutions.

  In the study consultant Li Lingfen opinion, which way to choose to apply for master’s degree, to a certain extent also depends on the college students of their own longer-term academic planning. "I contacted some of these cases, students choose a direct rise in foreign special master, he skipped college-level education, but because of work or personal reasons after want to continue to pursue a Ph.D. degree, found significant limitations – alternative schools very small, not even continue to pursue a Ph.D. degree. Therefore, if there are long-term demand for overseas students pursue a Ph.D. degree, you try not to appear fault in terms of education, in order to avoid causing distress to yourself.

"Said Li Lingfen (Editor: High Hongxia, Zhang Hua dimension). Share allow more people to see.

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