Taiwan Media Article: Bulin "True" exposed to Taiwan "false care"

On November 3, the newspaper on November 2nd issued the article "Bulin’s truth" article, said that US Secretary of State Burlin has answered the issue of the problem of defending Taiwan in the interview with the media. Self-defense, it can be seen that the purpose of the United States is to sell a large number of weapons to the Taiwan authorities, and Blinn said that there is too much cost of too much cost.

The article pointed out that since late October, the American so-called friendly speech has reached a new peak, and Taiwan has supported Taiwan’s meaningful involvement in the United Nations system. The article notes that local time October 31, the State Councilor and Foreign Director Wang Yi met with US Secretary of State Bulin in Rome, Taiwan’s issues were highlighted. After talks, the American Cable TV News Network (CNN) anchor Bash is in the interview show, and the single knife directly asked Burlin to defend Taiwan. 3 answers have been given when Burlin replies: support Taiwan has the ability to self-defense. Make sure there is no party to take unilateral action. The responsibility of the United States in the Taiwan Relationship method includes ensuring that the Taiwan authorities have the ability to implement self-defense.

The article believes that Burlken’s reply can be said to make a complete description of the strategy of the United States for a period of operation.

When you see American strategic scholars for Taiwan’s strategic guidance chess, such as hedgehog said that the poisonous frog said, etc., it is to let the Taiwan authorities have a way to self-defense. Ensuring that the Taiwan authorities have the ability to self-defense, it is necessary to sell a large number of weapons to the authorities, and even if the authorities have to buy one to pay more than one.

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