Country Garden dialogue Xinghua Chen Starship hospital designer, decrypt the government Department of masterpieces

Modern Express News (correspondent Xu Yang) With the rise of the tide country culture, the study of new Chinese architecture of the real estate market and consumers increasingly pay attention to the whole industry participants are actively on the new Chinese style house iterative design, from the initial engraved classical Chinese culture shapes the strength of character to get to the bottom, there will be attempts spirit of Chinese culture kernel is perceived residential buildings. Country Garden when first met six thousand years of history Xinghua, extremely valued, held a "Master Chen Starship Hospital as" the chief architect will meet live online, and invite people Quanxing of Country Garden designer Feng Wenxin in May, the project Zhang interactive marketing manager, on how to bring Xinghua good house, reflecting the mood of the form of government Humanities good house.

How to design worthy of Xinghua city and land? This problem is most concerned about this dialogue.

Country Garden designer Feng Wenxin understanding, so that the building return to the building itself, respecting the soul of every piece of land, the building will be given to life, so building a little more beautiful.

"As Xinghua people feel Garden respect for our city!" Said one customer came to watch the exhibition will meet the pertinent commented, "Xinghua history and culture can be traced back Liangzhu culture, there is a heavy cultural heritage place, but very few developers of products available in the market can show such Xinghua strength of character. "Country Garden site designer in detail about the Galaxy Chen hospital plots unique natural conditions, floor courtyard of the government department design concept, the final show from five large Chinese government Department of strength of character, which entered the door of the house, binary admission, three-wear court, four into the inner courtyard, five boarding house of the government.

"Listen designers say the government department of design, had been to come back to think of the Forbidden City in Beijing, all of a sudden understand this language, heritage architectural elements of Chinese culture." Scene clients that the recognition of the government system works Country Garden Xinghua and expectations. Cultural strength of character not only have a good house, but also a comfortable and practical. Well versed in practical living way, product iteration of Ms. Feng Wenxin Garden designer, live in simple terms is described on the "good" understanding. "Designers say this house before field demonstration area, gatehouse taking into account permanent, modify the program to do a lot of times, they finally presented now looks like we have seen, both aesthetic and practical, which makes me feel a designer intentions. "picky attitude in line with the product’s on-site customer said.

Indeed, in the galaxy Chen hospital design process, whether it is at first glance a community public space, or a long stay customers living space, contains the "overthrow and rebuild" number of special meetings, seemingly ordinary size chart , landscape plan, every minor adjustments polished, are presented as the ultimate comfort to the customer one kind of go with the flow.

As Ms. Feng Wenxin designer said: "It might just change the width of 30cm, the naked eye is not very obvious, but experience a sense is very different." Whatever the technology, the changing times, we are to attain consistent pursuit of home, that is a parts of warmth and comfort, and this is the Country Garden 29 years in the core product iteration expression. This time, the Department of Country Garden House Masters came as Xinghua, Xinghua inhabit a spirit of classical Chinese flavor has.

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