Henan enhances grassroots doctors

Henan enhanced grassroots doctor treatment more than 60% increased reward performance salary on October 09, 2020 05:17 Source: This newspaper Zhengzhou October 8 (Reporter Ren Victory) reporter learned from Henan Health and Health Committee: Recently, the Henan Provincial Health and Health Committee, Henan Provincial Department of Finance, Henan Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, Henan Medical Insurance Bureau jointly issued the "Opinions on Improvement of Grassroots Medical Personal Support Inspiration Policy", introduced a series of policy measures to enhance grassroots medical staff Treatment, guaranteeing the grassroots health team to better develop. Improve grassroots medical staff compensation. Allowing the grassroots medical and health institutions to independently determine the proportion of internal performance wages.

The grassroots medical and health institutions can extract more than 60% for the addition of more than 70% of the family doctor’s signing service revenue for the income of the medical service income and the extraction of various funds; The internal assignment of the signing team; the income level of the grassroots general doctors is not lower than the average income level of the clinicians of the same conditions for local county-level hospitals. Improve the village medical village bathroom subsidy policy.

In 2020, the basic public health service task of no less than 45% will be submitted to the village bathroom, and it will be increased to 50% in 2021, and the corresponding subsidies are given according to the results of the assessment.

The basic drug system subsidy is approved by the number of people’s service population and the per capita standards of the village. The service population is less than 1,000, and it will be given according to 1000 people; far, the poor area can improve the level of subsidies.

  Optimize post management and title promotion policies.

Further, the proportion of senior professional technical posts in the grassroots health care institution is further increased to 16%, of which is determined within 5% of 5%.

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