World Preliminaries-Bhutan vs National Football Team List of 23 Players Announced

World Preliminaries-Bhutan vs National Football Team List of 23 People Announced
Beijing time, June 2 news, the World Cup national football team rival Bhutan national team arrived in Hong Kong, China on the 1st to prepare for the first game of the 2018 Russia World Cup qualifier Asian Top 40.The 23 players who will play in this game will also play in the second round against the Chinese national team.不丹国家队大名单辰卓坚赞(橙衣7号)有着不丹C罗之称  首次参加世界杯外围赛的不丹队凭借此前在首轮淘汰赛中的出色发挥,战胜了斯里兰卡,历史性的Promoted to the top 40.They are in the same group as China, Qatar, Maldives and Hong Kong.Their first game will challenge Hong Kong, China, on June 11 and then return to host the Chinese team on June 16.  Earlier, the team’s Japanese coach Tsukukan Fano has announced the team’s 23 players in these two games. The 23 people are almost all amateur players, including 5 new players who are selected for the first time in the national team, and twoThe team’s absolute main force Chemiduoji and Wuyan Duoji will miss these two games due to injuries.  The team’s number one star is Chen Zhuo, a 19-year-old who is known as Bhutanese Ronaldo. He was chosen by the Thai giants Buriram United this year and went to the team for a one-month trial. It is reported that, Buri South United also invited him to go to Thailand again for training this month.In the first round of the World Preliminaries against Sri Lanka, Chen Zhuo firmly praised, and won two yuan in the second round, making a historic contribution to the team’s historic promotion.  Speaking of the upcoming World Cup preliminaries, Chen Zhuo firmly admits that the Bhutan team is a young team. The youngest player is only 18 years old. Compared with China, Qatar and other Asian strong teams, the strength of the Bhutan teamIt is indeed very weak, but they will also work hard to play a tough game.Bhutan’s Prime Minister Tsering Tojie (middle) personally sent the team off. The Bhutan team also posted on their official Facebook page that they hope the team can do their best in the game and make all Bhutanese people proud.Bhutan Prime Minister Tsering Tojie also personally saw off the team.(丹增)不丹队战国足23人名单:  门将:次仁顿珠、哈日古隆、格桑坚赞  左后卫:达瓦坚赞、迪瓦苏巴、噶如古隆  右后卫:乌颜才旦、罕·巴哈杜尔·比斯瓦  中后卫:格勒旺久、晋美次仁多吉、嘎玛尼珠、益西多吉  左前卫:贡嘎坚赞  右前卫:比仁巴内、伦珠多吉、天勒多吉  中前卫:达瓦次仁、次仁多吉、噶玛协堆次仁、伦多达瓦、巴桑次仁  前锋:辰卓坚赞、格桑旺地

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