Helping the disabled people to get rid of poverty to ensure that the Xiaogang Road "is not less"

People’s Daily Online Beijing May 17th (thin morning) has built a well-off society in an all-round way, and the disabled is not less. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the party and the government have been particularly concerned about the cause of persons with disabilities. The cause of the disabled is also on a new level, and the process of disabled people will take a solid step. Disabled people feel, happiness and security continue to improve. This year is the year of resolutely win the decisive battle of the universal battle, which is also the end of the establishment of a well-off society and the "13th Five-Year Plan". At the historical intersection of the "two hundred years" struggle, the national helper festival will be the topic as "helping the disabled and the residue" this year. Ensure that persons with disabilities are unpredictable, it is related to the completion of well-off, and the work of persons with disabilities run through a bright red line.

"If the disabled people can’t get poor, they can’t be sleepy, ‘One can’t be less’ Little Kang target, and its color is the risk of discounts.

"Deputy Director of China, in the interview with the People’s Network, said to help disability and poverty, decide well-off, need to pay special attention to party committees, governments and grassroots party organizations, especially payment, need to be positive response and extensive participation in the whole society, need The interest links of enterprises and market power are driven, and the effective guidance and launch of the majority of disabled people, people with disabilities, and persons with disabilities, and the effective guidance and launch of persons with disabilities. Concentration power to get into the poverty "last kilometer" disabled is the equality of social families Members, an important force in human civilization development, is an important force to persist and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics.

"People’s Republic of China Disabled Protection Law" stipulates: "The third Sunday every year is a national helping date." This year, the National Help Day has established 30 years.

Understand, respect, care, help people with disabilities and advocacy become the consensus and action of the whole society. "Building a well-off society in an all-round way is the dream of getting rid of poverty in thousands of years." Cheng Kai said to the People’s Network reporter that this year’s theme is different than in previous years.

my country has not yet povertystically unprecedented, rural poor, poor disabled people, more than 480,000, most of these unpolished disabled people are intelligence, spirit, and limb weight disabled. "I only rely on our incentives, let them have to get labor, and the opportunity for employment income is very difficult.

"Recently, the State Council’s Disabled Working Committee issued a notice, requiring all parties to combine the theme, focusing the disabled person, employment, medical security, rehabilitation, education, etc. Sleepy.

"Because the residual poverty is the fortress of the poverty campaign; help the disability of poverty is the hard war of povertysty.

In the past 30 years, the national helping disabled has played an important role in mobilizing social development and promoting the progress of civilization.

This year’s national helper festival emphasizes’ helps’, it is to play our system advantage, political advantages, industry poverty alleviation advantages, driving advantages, and play the guidance of the Organizational Organization, promote the role, and concentrate all kinds of power, and open the poverty ‘final kilometer’.

"Cheng Kai said.

A group of data released from the China Disabled Persons’ Purchase of the "Trust", and the national implementation of the poverty alleviation, the number of poor disabled people has been reduced from more than 500,000 people in 2019, only 2019 The net decrease was 1.2 million.

Suffering from the poverty management of disabled poverty groups, it is closely related to the implementation of the industrial support to help the disabled and poverty activities, the disabled recovery services, and the disabled Qingzhuang literacy literacy policy measures. However, poor disabled people are still facing severe challenges. The surplus of the residual document, the proportion of the elderly, patients, and disabled people reached%. At present, there are nearly three-thirds of the poverty in the poor, and there are disabled people in the homes in the poor, and the poverty alleviation is high. It is still the most difficult "hard bones" that is the most difficult person in the poor.

Safeguarding poor people with poverty poverty in the poor, what is the focus of the China Disabled Persons? Cheng Kai believes that the current core work is to further find out the true situation of 480,000 sets of 480,000 setup of rural poverty in rural poverty. "First, the poor disabled and suspected disabled people do not have a disabled certificate, I will have a good job of assessment, identification, timely issuance, so that they have the basis for enjoying the relevant poverty alleviation policies; second, the cause of poverty disabled is not poverty It is not to reach the standard, or not to take rope. "Cheng Kai told reporters that last year, the disabled joints at all levels resolved" poverty "is the most important work that is unprecedented by poverty. For example, it does not comply with the five guarantees. Disabled people stay in public welfare organizations, strengthen poverty severe disabled care services, so that they can eat warm.

Cheng Kai said that the China Disabled Persons’ Federation also advetes the unobsuitless renovability of the family of people with disabilities in poverty, implementing rural dangerous house renovation, social services A series of initiatives such as supervision, helping the poor people with disabilities to get rid of poverty.

Promote employment to make people with disabilities more and more, and the income can increase, and there will be more airs. Increasing employment is the most effective and direct povertygramy. Every year, my country has added 300,000 disabled people with disabilities, and urban and rural areas for employment reach more than 900 million people. More and more disabled people are more conscientious and more dignified through their own labor.

In my country, in the goal of establishing labor welfare persons with disabilities, our country is achieved, through improving laws and regulations, expanding employment channels, improves service system, and promotes the realization of employment rights of persons with disabilities.

Cheng Kai said that since the "13th Five-Year Plan", China Disabled Persons’ Federation has continued to increase the work of work and actively promote employment of disabled people. "To make the practical effect of persons with disabilities, there is no employment, no income, no revenue is basically the essential poverty, and the income is a high quality poverty.

"Cheng Kai said that since the" 13th Five-Year Plan ", China Disabled Persons’ Federation has continued to increase its work, actively promoting the employment of disabled people.

It has been introduced a series of support policies for disabled people in proportion, centralized employment, assistive employment, independence entrepreneurship and vocational skills training, employment security funds, hoping in administration, finance, finance, taxation, etc. Multi-channel roads provide support for the employment entrepreneurship of persons with disabilities.

"We rely on all kinds of training resources at all levels, through the way of purchasing services, we will have extensive professional skills training and rural disabled practical technical training activities to increase the employment ability of disabled people. Through public employment service, employment service agencies and Other various human resources service agencies provide professional introduction, skill appraisal, employment assistance and other services for persons with disabilities.

"Cheng Kai said that in recent years, China Disabled Persons’ Federation has boldly innovate service methods to expand employment services to network platforms." We now also encourage more disabled people through e-commerce, through various network platforms.

"In addition, Cheng Kai introduced that China Disabled Persons’ Federation began to set up the real-name information file of the employment status of the employment of the employment of the employment of the employment of the employment of the employment age, which has been perfected, which laid a solid foundation for the employment of disabled people. Editor: Yue Hongbin) Share let more people see recommendation reading.

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