Member Wei Zheoling: It is recommended to recognize the full -time service of the family to provide professional security with the system

Member Wei Zhenling.

Interviewee confessing People’s Daily Nanning, March 8th (Qin Xin) "At present, the" Civil Code "has recognized the labor of full -time wives and full -time dads to the family, and it is stipulated that compensation can be obtained in divorce cases. Progress. "In this year’s National Two Sessions, Wei Zheoling, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and deputy prosecutor of the People’s Procuratorate of Liuzhou City, Guangxi, brought a proposal on establishing a professional security system for a family -time service member. It is recommended that Members’ labor efforts to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

The "family -time service member" proposed by Member Wei Zhenling is a concept of leapfrogging, identity, and social cognitive limitations. It includes both the full -time wife and the emerging "full -time dad" who occupy the "mainstream". Family members such as serving children.

At present, my country still lacks a corresponding institutional guarantee mechanism. Therefore, she suggested that the actual contribution of family full -time service members to social development and governance, from the perspective of strengthening family education, improving the level of social governance, and civilization solve.

In the proposal, Member Wei Zhenling said that it can refer to the experience and practices of some countries in the current countries to solve the problem of low fertility and aging. For example service fee.

In the case of family responsibility and work difficult to balance, many people in the workplace face dilemma. Member Wei Zheoling suggested that the system of establishing salary and retention can be explored, that is, based on raising children and taking care of the elderly, employees who return to the family within a certain permit period can apply for a suspension of salary. It can be stipulated that due to special reasons, in a special period, in a special period (a period of breastfeeding younger education, taking care of disabled parents, spouses, etc.), family full -time service members enjoy cumulative working age and labor social security related benefits.

Member Wei Zheoling believes: "Some special families often face the problems of supporting the elderly and spouses of disabled, taking care of their mental illness and other members of family members who have lost their ability to do with the ability to lose civil. Sleepy.

"She suggested that special families can introduce a more practical guarantee mechanism, promote the integration of social resources and family resources, and achieve traceability governance.

Such as issuing labor subsidies, social assistance; providing free public welfare training; incorporating these family members into the team of professional nursing staff to provide follow -up occupational security.

"It is recommended that the Ministry of Civil Affairs is led by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the labor and social security, the women’s federation, and the trade union to participate in the investigation of the support mode of support for the support of the elderly care for the younger care, and gradually establish and improve the security mechanism that meets my country’s national conditions.

Member Wei Zheoling looks forward to being appropriately resolved at the family level, such as filial piety and love, helping nurture, and so on. And modernization of governance capabilities.

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