Nuchuan Autonomous County, Fangyang Town: Fish Er Water Villagers laughed and opened their face

(Reporter Li Xi) In March of Yangchun, at the construction site of the ecological fishery project base of the Ecological Fishery Project Base in the Yayang Community, Yiyang Town, Nuchuan Autonomous County, the workers were seizing construction. The project covers an area of ??about 80 acres and has 120 ecological fish ponds. According to the project plan, it is completed and put into operation in April this year. After completion, it is expected to produce 1.75 million kilograms of fresh water fish in the annual production. It is expected to achieve a total annual sales revenue of more than 40 million yuan. The ecological fishery project of the Fangyang Community is the second ecological fishery project constructed by Yingyang Town. In Xiaoping Village, which is not far from this place, the first ecological fishery project in the town has been completed and put into operation for a long time. 400,000 yuan dividend. The water conservancy resources of Fangyang Town are abundant, and the Yangyang River in the Hongdu River Basin is here. The river is clear and pollution.

In recent years, the town has seized the advantages of the location, focusing on the "Four New" main attacking the "Four Metro", vigorously developing ecological fisheries, promoting rural revitalization, and a "water article" in the depths of the mountains. In July 2019, Xiaoping Village introduced the Guiyang Agricultural Investment Group through the county agricultural investment company. Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., with the "leading enterprise+cooperative+farmers" model, has built the "Xiaoping Ecological Fisheries" project with a total investment of 45 million yuan, covering a total area of ??100 acres, 87 in fish ponds, 100 to 150 annual fish production, 100 to 150 fish, and 150 to 150 fish. 10,000 kilograms, with an annual income of more than 30 million yuan.

Xiaoping Village collective economic cooperatives integrate 5.14 million yuan in funds, and village collectives can guarantee more than 400,000 yuan each year. In addition to employment in the project, some local villagers also obtained nearly 300,000 yuan through the land shares of land and the interests of poverty alleviation funds. Five villages in the town also obtained share dividends through the project.

On March 3rd, at the scene of the Xiaoping ecological fishery project, the catfish seedlings put in the early stage arrived at the pool, and the workers were busy beside the fishing pond. Yang Ming, secretary of the party branch of the village, told reporters that the Xiaoping ecological fishery project has been stable and produced, and the ecological fish produced in Guiyang, Chongqing, Guangzhou and other places have been sold.

At present, the village is carrying out the second phase of the project, and more than 100 acres of high -standard farmland is built near the fishery project for rice fields. In the next step, the village will rely on fishery projects to drive the development of agricultural tourism projects such as drifting and leisure and summer from Xiaoping Village to achieve a blueprint for rural rejuvenation with water -raising fish, fishing rich people, and Baiye prosperity. Source: (Responsible editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see recommended reading.

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