If it’s okay,Isn’t it the same when we get together again for the New Year?

Unexpectedly, Xue Jue’s face showed a deep expression:“These are your old relatives,Although you are not very old now,But it’s still long enough for a couple of years at night。”
“Those individuals want to see earlier,I don’t want to see the next generation of the four,A young man who was admitted to a scholar at this age,What exactly is it like。”
“If it is really good everywhere,Those who have girls in the house shouldn’t prepare early,Tell your mother something?Wait until you have passed three years,After the test,I don’t care about that Juren,This is enough age to officially want to see。”
Mai Fan was taken aback,Then suddenly。
Why didn’t the original Comrade Xue Pan have such a good thing??
When he took his sister to Beijing to join Jia’s Aunt Wang,Xue Pan has already reached the age of 18 or 9。
But his age,There is not a caring person around,I never had a decent marriage。
Then why didn’t these people come to see him in the years when he was in Jinling equivalent to walking sideways??
Thinking of this, Mai Fan shook his head,Presumably that Xue Pan Demon King,The reputation of being unstiny has spread throughout Jinling, right?。
Anyone who is a good daughter,Who is willing to marry her own daughter to the original Xue Pan?。
then,Mai Fan shook his head:“father,If it’s for such a thing,You still push me。”
“Son think,My imperial examination road will not end in the status quo。”

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