“Brother Zhao,I think you should surrender first,If Meimei commits suicide, you can’t make it through!”Ouyang’s voice rang far away。

I rub!It’s time for this guy to show up,He will come out to speak after the battle is over,This is really safe first!
Su Mei shouted angrily:“Get out!You old bastard,Do you have a word for you here?Get out of here!Otherwise, my old lady will break your dead glasses!”
“Ouch eyebrow,You can’t do this to me!We used to have such a beautiful past,You can’t remember at all now?”Ouyang’s voice is pitiful。
I’m so angry,I was besieged like this,Good for you,Reminiscing with Su Mei!
flutter!I kicked a wild man hard,Grab the hair of a savage rushing up,Make a sudden round,That guy was kicked up by me like a scarecrow,boom!I smashed him to the ground,That guy dropped the snake spear,I bend my body in pain and roll repeatedly underground。
I could kill him with one kick,But i’m still!
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Two New Seven
“Su Mei!Listen to your grandpa and go with him!You can rest assured that I can deal with them!”
I can’t help but scream,I don’t want to hurt Su Mei,After all, I owe her too much!
I can’t let her be implicated for me,I don’t want to embarrass her grandpa,Although I don’t know why they fought the savages,But faintly noticed,These savages must have come for me!
“Zhao Pu, are you a fool!You are still polite to my mother at this time?I can tell you,I must save you today!”
at this time,”what!“Su Mei let out a scream:“Grandpa, why are you shooting me?”
Ouyang also yelled:“Grandpa Su Mei,Tiger poison does not eat seeds,Are you doing personnel affairs??”
My heart shakes,This is really a roller coaster!Did Grandpa Su Mei really hit her??But this is not realistic?
“Don’t worry, little peach!My one is just hemp. Drunk Arrow,This arrow can’t hurt you,Do not worry,You’ll recover later。”
Grandpa Su Mei’s voice is warm and kind,But it makes me feel very uncomfortable。

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