After receiving this news,After Tang Ze washed,Wearing a suit with a big back like an adult,Drive towards Suzuki’s house。

The mother-in-law of the super rich consortium wants me to be married——Final battle。
today,This hidden war,Will finally be revealed,And revealed the final victory!
“coming,Haven’t had breakfast yet?”
In the restaurant of Suzuki’s mansion,After seeing Tang Ze coming under the guidance of the housekeeper,Tomoko Suzuki greeted with a smile:“Eat breakfast first,We will go together later,I look forward to what you can do to surprise me today。”
“Then stay tuned。”
Tang Ze opened the seat and sat beside Ayako,Smile at the other person who looks worried,“Do not worry,When have you seen me do something unsure,Wait for me to reveal the answer with expectation,Don’t be surprised by the time。”
Ayako was startled,Immediately relieved the slightly frowned brow,Smiled:“Yep,Then I look forward to your performance。”
“Wow.Brother-in-law and old sister, you two are really,So loving early in the morning。”
The garden on the side saw the interaction between the two,I suddenly felt that the bread in my mouth smelled of dog food,And then for“revenge”This act of affection,Smiled narrowly and teased the two。
But the shyness of the old sister in my imagination does not appear again,Instead, she saw Ayako smile at herself,Then he peeled the egg for Tang Ze generously,This calm posture,Let Tomoko Suzuki look twice more。
In the eyes of the garden,This may be because my old sister has been accustomed to her ridicule many times,Achieved a calm face performance。
We know that a woman is like a mother,Tomoko Suzuki, who knows the eldest daughter’s character, knows,Even if the two are married,No one or two years of adaptation,I’m afraid facing Yuanzi’s ridicule,Ayako will still feel embarrassed。
Because Ayako’s personality is the kind of introverted and gentle personality,Can’t do the kind of action that reveals one’s feelings to others。
Even if it’s a matter of course,I’m a little embarrassed to be teased by others。

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