”Oh,That’s after the test!“

”Xiaoxi,You are so right!This is the proper time to be scolded!Fortunately I only came this year!“
”You only came this year?Went to school in summer vacation?“
”Ok,Yes indeed,My mother found me someone for summer class!“
”Oh,Then I’m stumped because I didn’t find someone to say,No need to go to summer school?“
”Uh,I don’t know this too,None of us expected,Someone turned around when school started,I remember Wang Yan told me,You are at work,Pretty good!“
”Ok,Yes,Suddenly want to go to school this year,Just found someone!“
”School is also good,do not give up,Read well,Can’t go to university,We can also have a higher degree!“
“I remember the appointment,The less tuition!”
“Is that right?“
“Ok,I see the tuition fees they sign up,College more than 10,000,Three books and more than 6,000,Two books are more than five thousand!I haven’t read one yet,It is estimated that each school’s situation is different!“

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