Kogoro Mouri shook the drawing on the desktop,Serious reasoning:“The contents of the magic mirror on the egg we have now,It’s the castle of Yokosuka。

if it is like this,I wonder if that alluded to another egg,It might be hidden in the castle。”
Hearing this, Kasaka Natsumi showed a sudden look,Hurriedly took out an old copper yellow key,“In fact, apart from these two broken design drawings,And an old key,Could it be that…”
“This is it!”Mouri Kogoro stretched out his index finger,“This may be the key to where the second egg is hidden!”
“Maurisan,Tang Zesang,After returning to Tokyo, I wonder if I can invite you to the castle together。”Kosaka Natsumi invited。
“no problem,my pleasure!”Kogoro Mori immediately agreed。
“This is an interesting invitation,It feels like a treasure hunt。”Tang Ze smiled and nodded:“I promised。”
Looking at the castle key in Kosaka Natsumi’s hand that is much larger than the normal key,Those couple“Egg of Memory”Those who are interested have heard that Kasaka Natsumi has plans to explore the castle,His face immediately became more attentive。
“Dreamy eggs studded with gems!?”Sirouf·Zinnikov pleaded with one hand on his chest:“Please let me go together!”
“me too。”Gan Jiangichi immediately agreed with the opening.。
And the Hanchuan dragon on the side is not to be outdone:“Please let me accompany the shooting,This will be extremely precious material!!”
Facing the slightly fanatical request of the three,Not waiting for Kosaka[Yoyo reading ]Xia Mei promised,Tang Ze on the side stood up straight,Look at the Samurai Dragon:“The rest are fine,But you can’t go。”
“what do you mean!!if I recall it correctly,We haven’t seen it before yesterday, right??”
Hanchuan Dragon heard the words and stood up,Bad expression:“And why can’t I go,And it’s not up to you whether you can go。”
“But it was the first time we met,But i don’t welcome you very much。”
Mibu looked at the other party and his tone was also bad,“Yesterday I found out that Shi Kaobing was Pu Si Qinglan,To prevent accidents,I specifically asked my colleagues to investigate all of you。
It turns out unexpectedly,You actually took the photo of a girl crying after the house was burned down,A scum like you is not qualified to talk to me。
I will contact reporters to disclose your ugly deeds to the media,I disappeared before my eyes when I got off the boat。”

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