Unexpectedly, his tone is very cold:”Who is the tree god to resurrect!You better not interfere,Lord Tree God’s temper is unstable,Your request will irritate him,that’s it,You go back and rest first,Since the demigod talks about loyalty like this,I think Lord Tree God will resurrect him。“

Elder’s answer is too perfunctory,I insist on seeing the tree god,Unexpectedly but angered the elders,His whole muscles are shaking,Those golden rings keep shaking:”No way!You can’t see him during this time!Now is his dormant period,No one can approach him!“
The elder not only trembles all over,Even the expression on the face is distorted,His change is really scary,Unexpectedly, the usual calm and dull expression suddenly changes to make people so scared,The shape of the reapers on both sides also began to float violently,They lifted up the miserable green face in the cloak and looked at me,The scene in front of me is creepy。
It looks like I have to wait!So I sighed,Turn around and walk out of the temple,The elder’s voice echoed in the empty hall:”Hope you seriously consider my proposal,It’s good for everyone!“
Out of the temple,Huidai was waiting for me on the elevator a long time ago。
Huidai asked me how I was,I didn’t reply to her,Just shaking his head and sighing,Feeling exhausted physically and mentally,After a whole day of bloody battle,It’s not easy for me to persist until now,Just now in the temple, I learned that Wenru was fine,My tight nerves suddenly relax,Soft feet,Almost fell on the temple floor。
Huidai gently patted the dust on my shoulder,Look at the dirt on my clothes,Suddenly I found the bleeding edge on my arm,I didn’t expect Zhou Qi’s knife to be so powerful,Actually made my blood lose its clotting function,But what is strange is,Although the wound did not condense,But my blood is not bleeding much。
Huidai was surprised:”Zhao Pujun,What hurt you?“
At this time the lift descended to our tree level,We walk into the balcony,I told you what happened during the final battle with Zhou Qi,Especially the detailed description of his long knife,Huidai nodded firmly:”I know,He must have used Smurf juice on the blade,That fruit will destroy the self-healing energy in the demigod。“
Speaking of which,An expression of resentment appeared on Keiyo’s face:”This person is too vicious,He must know that your divine power is stronger than him,That’s why he used these three indiscriminate methods to murder you!“
Speaking of which,Huidai went out again to take the elevator,I asked her where to go,She said she would find me some antidote。
Sitting alone on the living room floor,The candle is lit,The foreign beauty who was called up by Wen Ru did not leave,She is taking a shower in the room,The patter of water makes people think about it,When I think back to her and Wenru making the floor bang,I can’t help but laugh,But after laughing for a long time, I feel at a loss。
Wenru was drugged because of me.,I knew I should let him go with Lu Xiong,Hey,Actually that is also a stupid method,Lu Xiong is not a demigod,How can he fight a master in the hidden zone?Wenru went with him to find death!
Sitting cross-legged on the floor thinking wildly,Suddenly the sound of water in the bathroom stopped,The door slid slightly。
Actually I can see the scene behind when I turn my head,But i didn’t turn my head,At this time, a scent of fragrance filled,There is a beautiful beauty who walks in front of me!

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