I actually snickered when thinking of this,And then turned over to sleep,It started to rain again outside the window,Raindrops are scattered among the flowers and leaves on the balcony,I feel like I am one with this dreamlike world。

Around midnight,Huidai wake me up,Open my sleepy eyes,Then he quickly changed into the clothes that Huidai handed over,This time she told me to wear that kind of military boots,The clothes are also waterproof black jackets,Looks rather fashionable。
Besides,Huidai actually brought the previous bag,That bag is full of the baby I need,Including the long pipe revolver.gun,hand.mine,Rush.Machine gun and compressed dry food,Night vision,And the black iron bracelet with gems。
Although he has mastered the power,But I still like these powerful weapons,Especially the black iron bracelet,I was always curious about that stuff before,I don’t understand why Monkey King wears these,Just know now,Actually this is some kind of logo or mascot of the island,It may also be the existence of some kind of amulet,of course,This thing may become a key or weapon。
Looked at the black iron bracelet for a long time,Thinking of monkeys and Su Mei in Japan,Can’t help feeling full of emotions,Sighed softly,Huidai asked me in a low voice:“Zhao Pujun, what are you thinking about?”
I smiled and shook my head:“This island is really amazing,No wonder the ancients named it Penglai Xiandao,There seems to be a reason。”
Hui is also very resentful:‘Actually, the outside world is not weird,The networks and machines you invented are not magical and weird。“
I raised the bracelet and smiled at Huidai:”You said I can still use this stuff now?What’s the use of this thing?“
Huidai also smiled slightly:”You have now transformed,He must have the power of spirit stone,Logically,This bracelet should be sensitive to your body,Zhao Pujun, let’s try?“
Actually I want to wear it for fun,But this bracelet is really small,Doesn’t fit into the wrist at all,So I threw the bracelet into the backpack:”Talk about it later,Now let’s hurry up on the road!“
Go down from the spiral staircase inside the sacred tree,The road is basically unimpeded,But something went wrong when I was approaching the ground,The exits on the five floors below are guarded,Those guards are not savages,But some fancy demigods。
I don’t know if I took the medicine or something else.,They look very full of energy,The whole person is full of energy,Patrolling back and forth with various weapons in his hands,Some chat in twos and threes,Some are walking boringly,In short, these five layers are tightly guarded,Even flies can’t fly out。
Worse situation arises,The bottom tree hole is closed by a heavy iron gate,There are sharp thorns cast on the yellow rust iron door of Mengsheng,Those spikes are a foot long,Looks scary。
Huidai swallowed nervously:”shit,We can’t get out!“

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