The tree god was a little angry:“Fuck you!I will tell you the result now,This kid is innocent,He definitely will not blaspheme the sacred tree,You should rest assured now?Hurry back and tell you the masochistic master!Just tell him what I said!”

The old turtle nodded after hearing this,And then retired respectfully,He yelled when he walked outside:“Demigod,I’m waiting for you outside。”
I don’t know why the tree god left me alone,Looking at the person above his head with a pale face, his mouth and eyes tightly closed,It’s hard to believe that he said these words in the tree hole。
The voice of the tree god is still floating around,Sometimes get into my head:“I have searched your memory just now,I find that you are a little different from the kids who came before,But you have too much resentment and ambition in your heart,These things will hurt you。”
I don’t want him to give me spiritual healing,Now that the result has been obtained,I don’t need to stay anymore,So I decided to leave。
Unexpectedly, the tree god said again:“I know what you want?Do you want the treasures and fruits on the island?!And you are wobbly now,You want both,But I am afraid that taking the fruit and leaving will lead to revenge,So you are hesitating now,You want to achieve demigod transformation not to complete the dedication of the gods,You want to use this power to take away the treasure,And then retaliate against those who have hurt you!”
I’m terrifying,I didn’t expect the tree god to understand me so thoroughly,I thought he was nothing more than a polygraph,But I didn’t expect him to see my deep thoughts,Looking at the tree god who is tightly wrapped in the roots like a dead man,Panic in my heart,I feel like a transparent person who cannot hide in front of him。
“Are you weird I can find these?Tell you,I also know that the girl who used Lingbo to invade is very fond of you,Why she treats you this way,Actually it comes from her inner love,She was very angry after knowing that you and Huidai were happy,So tell these things to your crush boss,Actually she is jealous,You don’t have to resent her,Her heart is more painful than you now!”
The tree god talks freely,He seems to be talking about something completely irrelevant to me。
I don’t know why the tree god wants to analyze these messy affairs,I don’t think he should analyze my privacy policy,Even if he is a god, he shouldn’t be like this,Just thought,The tree god laughed:“sorry Sorry,I didn’t mean to spy on you,I noticed your grievances as soon as you came in,Your aura is very strong,Almost hit me!So I can’t help but pry into your mind。”
These words of the tree god make people feel very kind,Actually he is not as scary as the old turtle said,But think he is very approachable,Like an uncle next door。
Unexpectedly, the tree god spied my thoughts again,His voice becomes serious:“My child, you are wrong,In front of a gentleman,Maybe i’m warm and kind,But in front of villains and hypocrites,I’m a crazy devil!My transformation varies from person to person。”
Said for a long time,I think the tree god seems to be deliberately making excuses to chat with me,Don’t know what his motive is。
Tree god sigh:“I haven’t met a child like you in many years!I’m full of joy when I see you,Your mind is transparent,Is the cleanest of the demigods I have ever seen,So the old man wants to talk to you,Of course the old man also has a purpose,I want you to help me with something,Hope you can promise。”
I rub!Tree god begged me,This is an exaggeration,I replied dumbfounded:“Lord Tree, are you kidding me??”
“No kidding!According to my observation,There will be a catastrophe in the Shenshu area recently,I will ask you to do it when I think of it,Help our patrons survive the crisis。”
The tree god’s words sound very sincere,Not like a joke at all,But even the tree god is tricky,This must be troublesome,I guess I can’t afford it。

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