“Yokan of Sugimotoya?”Mikako Sato saw the name of the Yokan Box in Takagi’s hands,Eyes light up,“I heard that the Yokan in this restaurant in Osaka is delicious。”

“Oh?Let’s try it now。”Tang Ze heard about food and famous specialties,And immediately became active,Put down the book and took a teacup,Pour black tea for the two,Put on the table。
“By the way, we were so leisurely in the morning,It’s really rare。”Takagi smiled while cutting the yokan:“I haven’t been in the office for a long time。”
“But such a leisurely,It means Pinghe no case happened。”
Mikako Sato picked up the fork,He pierced a small piece of cut yokan and smiled:“It’s a pity that Officer Megumi and Officer Shiratori are both。
The two of them are on duty this weekend,I missed Sugimotoya’s famous Yokan~”
in this world,Because of well-known reasons,Actually the criminal treatment is much better,This embodiment is actually in all aspects,For example, relying on credit can be an exceptional promotion, etc.。
Even if you just enjoy a higher salary,It’s not considered as entering the upper ranks,But it’s still much better than before。
And this on duty and vacation,Also in the environment of frequent homicides,A forced institutional reform。
well known,Criminal work,Is being complained about as a year-round animal work。
Once there is a case,Then you will be busy。
Even if you are on vacation,Not many people take a break,Because the victim will drive you to act with a sense of justice as a criminal。
but.Still the familiar pot,Still the same reason。
Before reform,Because of the heavy murder,Many criminals are exhausted on their posts。
Some criminals are too stressed,Facing homicide every day leads to psychological problems,Some don’t come in because of work all day,Make up。

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