“Why are you kidding?Do you have meat?“

“Then you can tell me secretly,What’s the reason for me!“
“Ok,I am not a doctor,Did not check out the details。Go back and use your dad’s computer to check for polycystic ovarieszhz!“
“Oh,Ok!Down,Go to the toilet??“
”Ok,it is good!“Just out of the classroom
”Xiaoxi!be careful!“Then I took a step back and hit a palm。
“Whoops!Xiaoxi, you are so cruel!“I took a closer look at this person who was just hit by my knock-over object,Yan Haidong,This kid。
“What are you doing here?“
“I am going to play!“
“Are you playing ball or playing people?!“
“Hehe,Sorry,I didn’t mean it!“
“leave me alone!”
“Xiaoxi,So you are7Class!“
“what?7class?There are so many classes!“
“Haha,do not you know,Didn’t watch it when you came!Look at you so confused!“
“What to pay attention to!“
“Xiaoxi,Your class is the worst!Do you want me to talk to the principal,Change your class!“
“no need!pretty good,Ugh,What are you doing?I’m going to the toilet!“
“Damn,I want to go to the toilet too!“Then three people ran to the toilet in a strange way!

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