Continuous war,Around it is an amazing,And the recovery speed is extremely fast,At the moment, it is also half the power loss.。

He still has a battle force,But put the power to defeat the six Yuxi bouques,What should I do after the big cylinder??
Even if there is still a lot of effort,But it is estimated that the self-insurance is enough.,Especially ignore the defense“Bullish”Basically unexpectedly。
So the night is intended to restore the power first.,Let the Naruto heel the two pillars.,Because this is what it is their pot.。
Short-lived combat meeting,Naruto told Sasher again,As for the night to stay in the original gas。
Already dying belt,I finally finally got rid of the heart of Yuxi Boss.,And I figured out the truth of the year.,In the end, the remaining one write wheel is supported to Kaki。
Get a complete kaleidoscope written cardiki,Under strong emotional stimulation,I actually used the identity of the foreign countries.。
However, when Kakasi just wanted to help the Naruto.,But in the night of the night。
And said Kakasi even now gets the complete power of the kaleidoscope writes.,I can’t fight their battles.,It is better to save this 力,Afterwards to open space。
Accompanied by Sui Zhibo spots,The strength is obviously not the soil than the soil,Coupled with its original combat experience,That’s afraid of the Naruto with Sasuke,But it has been pressed against。
Spot in the six-way mode,More than you can use all blood capability,And the ultimate ability of the kaleidoscope“Tomb”It is also inversely。
Sui Zhibo spots in the six-way mode use this“Tomb”ability,It is enough to give four shadows with him.,And these shadow orders are completely in a non-visual state。
Have a yang, the Naruto,Although it is able to induce or see the shadow of the wheel,But this does not mean that there is a way to deal with。
The shadow produced by the tomb is more than the strength.,And can be interchanged with the body。
Previously, the Naruto was discussed for a long time.,In the end, only the shadow of the shadow。
They thought too far.,From the beginning, this is not a battle with a second enemy.,But fight with the enemy five。
Even Yu Zhibo spots while dealing with the Naruto,,There is also a lot of a shadow to come over and attack the night.。
Although the Naruto follows the strength of the yin yang,Is his only force that needs to be taboo,But this does not mean that Yishibo spheres will forget the night before this.。
Chapter 861 Cotta Wooden Night Breaking
Originally a gas,Attempt to recover the night’s night,When the shadow of the Unexpell bladder, the shadow arrived at him.,It also suddenly avoided attacks,And this also surprised Unexpectedly.。
“If there is no mistake,You should not get the power of yin and yang,But it can detect the attack of the wheel tomb.。
Does the beast??Although it is an opponent,But I have to say that you are really an amazing guy.。”
The night is not seeing so-called“Tomb”,And because it is the reason for shadow,Night, even inductance of the other party。
But there is a nightly domineering night,Plus itself as a reason for a sword,The opponent’s hostility,He can clearly understand。
Seeing Yuxi Boli in the night, he hit Kakasi,Naruto is also an urgent woman,According to previous plans,They must help the night to fight for a little time。
Because of the night,Only his Chakra completely recovered,He has a grasp of Yu Zhibo spots,Let the Naruto contribute to it。
Before the Naruto followed Sasher,Sasuke and even use the night“Gain”Similar ability“Heavenly hand”,But finally only seal a shadow。
Extended with the battle time,The situation can be said to be more unfavorable,Because Chakra on them is limited,And Yu Zhibo sphere as a tail column,At this time Chakra is more than infinite。
Not only the tomb,Obscure、Ice、Woodwood and other bloody capabilities are also free to show,Previously“Ivatic”,Not a single meteorite now,But just one pull is a meteorite group。
Darkness, see Yuxi Bao, a man, a human pressed Ashura and Dimothy,Plus now in unlimited month、God tree、And the three conditions of the ten tail column have been gone,Also feel the opportunity to mature。
There are four shadows of the Yuxi Bouvet of the Sui Zhiwei.,But a shadow has just been sealed,Now the remaining three shadows have been found in the night.、Naruto。
Night slipping,Always just avoid attack recovery power。
And Yu Zhibo spheres mainly put the center of gravity in the nunpeak,Because they have the greatest threat because they master the yin yang。

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