One side,Shen Xuan, the more I want to feel funny.。

But now,There is nothing tangled in other problems.。
But next,If Shaojia’s master Shao Hong is coming,That is interesting。
“Shao Zhi’an,Our pay,When is it sent to us??”
Chapter 197,The more chaotic
Shao Zhi’an,Head of Shaojia Entertainment。
He smiles,Look at everyone。
“salary,What wages?”
Shao Zhian said the clouds are light,I didn’t put these faces in my heart.。
Even in Shao Zi’an,What else is temporarily doing?。
But here,For Shao Zhian,What should I solve this thing next?。
Right,How to see,How to make people feel,These things come,Not simply。
And it’s just a little bit of a little.,This,Shao Zhi’an, the more you look, the more you feel funny.。
He came here,I didn’t think about it to compensate.。
And Lin Xuewei did not expect,These guys actually don’t want to give it a little money.。
“so,Shaojia is really planning to arrears our salary.?”
Lin Xuewei said,A very angry。
But Shao Zhian puts his hand.:“Even if it is arrears, how is it?,You are just the people under my hand.,Angered me,I want salary?”
With Shao Zhian finished,Lin Xuewei lifted his hand,Do you want to say something?。
But Shen Xuan,It is directly rushed directly.,Lift your legs,Directly, Shao Zhi’an’s abdomen。
Shao Zhi’an whole people have not slowed the god,Directly,The whole person fly out,Heavy land。
“Oy,You actually dare”
Shao Zhi’an is still here,But Shen Xuan,But no matter what these,Directly on his face is a few big mouths.。
At this moment,Lin Xuewei’s side,Someone said:“Wei Wei,Do we have to help??”
Hear here,Lin Xuewei put his hand。
“That is of course it.,Look at people’s small sink,I don’t say it directly.,What do you still do?,Handle。”
“Have a friend who knows,Also call together。”
As Lin Xuewei said,Others have called people.。
In fact, there are some,It is waiting to wait。
If Lin Xuewei occupies this opportunity,Then they will join us without hesitation.。

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