“How do you want?”Spring said with his eyes。

He can’t use this kind of moving in this case.,This move is very powerful,But it’s hard to hit enemies,And don’t hurt me。
This move,Just to threaten the long door。
The long door also knows that he can’t catch the spring.,Once the springs escape,He destroyed the wooden leaves,That is after suffering。
They don’t know when the sky will fall into a boulder.。
“We have no need to ratio,Then let our two organization members come.”
“Life and death”
Cool spit out these words in the mouth of the mouth。
Chapter 20 GhostVSIce
When I didn’t find a way to limit the spring,The long door just wants to weaken his strength first.。
“Oh,I fully agree with you this proposal”Spring heart is laughing。
His people here are not living,Do you kill it??Life and death?Springs are very welcome。
What do you want to say?,But I ushered in the three generations of eyes。
She knows what the three generations think,Nowadays are already very powerful,It’s better to let Spring consume。
This can also limit the rapid development of Spring.。
Standing on the perspective of wooden leaves,They don’t have to stop this matter,And this is not her to stop。
The card is sigh in the heart。
“It is the final place that this plan is no done.”It’s never to bring it around the territory.。
“When I didn’t think about solving the method of the spring,Our plan will also be limited”Belt the land and whispered。
“Anyway, there is no resurrection at the end.,We have time,His attack can only be deterrent,But is it for us?”Laughter。
“But we always face his,Three tails are still in his hands”Tailored。
“He is not a wholeism,We have the opportunity,I will think about the three tails.,We get the rest of the beast.”Prostitute。
“Too,And we are not without a card”Soil。
At this time, the demon giant called for the long door is no longer chewing.,But the size of the mouth。
All Penne climbed out,Now that the damage on them has disappeared。
Everyone is also very surprised by this scene.,But face the threat of the spring,There is not much meaningful。
The giant of the devil sinks into the ground。
The long door leaps with Pennesa,Then I quickly retreated to the edge of the big pit he just got.。
Dawn other members,Also appeared in the long gate,They know what to do next。
Spring also fell to the edge of the big pit。
White is fast to get around the Spring,The three generations also took a hand, and Kakar came to Spring.。
The critical hazard is reluctant to relieve,The next thing is to watch the two organizations.。
Three generations smoke,He also found these people found in Spring,Very curious。
These people are absolutely weak,But the endurance cannot appear three such a strong master at the same time.,Spring, what is it comes from??
People in both sides are relatively。

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