Zhu Hui swayed and stood up again,Looks like I want to sit here again。Xia Jian looked anxious,He picked up the glass and said:“Mr. Zhu!Finish this cup,Let’s go away,I’ll talk about it another day”

Xia Jian said,Shot glass,Without waiting for Zhu Hui to speak,Drink it all。Two people and two bottles of liquor,Indeed a little too much,This glass of wine,Xia Jian only felt hot in his stomach,A hot air pressure can’t hold it down。
“President Xia!Don’t hurry,Sober up with a glass of water, not too late,I have two more words to say here”Zhu Hui flushed,Talking tongues start to knot。
Xia Jian nodded,Found two drinking glasses,Just pour the water from the kettle into the cup。Just feel dizzy,And the body is too hot。What’s going on here?Xia Jian reluctantly poured the water from the glass into his mouth,He slumped in a chair。
Zhu Hui shook in front of his eyes,For a while,Upright for a while。He smelled the fragrance of a woman,I feel the softness of a woman’s body。
A voice struggling in the body,“Xia Jian!Zhu Hui is dangerous,You can’t go to her bed”But he only feels weak,And unbearable。Inhale,Exhale,Xia Jian remembered the inner strength mental method。He muttered,Start to work,But in this state,Everything is in vain。
suddenly,A person jumped out of Xia Jian’s mind,Xi Zhen!Xi Zhen should be called,She is her assistant。Xia Jian’s heart is struggling intensely,He subconsciously touched the phone,Then he didn’t know about it。
I do not know how long it has been,Nausea,Xia Jianmeng opened his eyes。He just feels that the sky is spinning,But I finally got conscious。
“President Xia!Do you want to vomit?Then you throw up!I will bring you a bowl“A woman’s nice voice rang in Xia Jian’s ear。This voice is not Zhu Hui’s,It seems to be Xi Zhen,Correct!It’s Xi Zhen’s voice。
Xia Jian’s wow,Then stood up,I squirted out something difficult to suppress in my stomach。But Xia Jian felt,He didn’t vomit on the ground,But spit into the basin。
Vomited,Spit to the end,He thinks it’s all sour water,Then came the bitter things。Xia Jian kept his eyes tight,It’s not that he didn’t dare to watch,It was so uncomfortable that he couldn’t even open his eyes。
“You lie down and don’t move,Wipe your face first,Then I give you water“Xi Zhen said softly。This time Xia Jian heard it really,Xi Zhen’s voice is correct。He just can’t understand,Where is myself?How did Xi Zhen come here??
Xia Jian didn’t want to say a word uncomfortable,He never expected,I will be so drunk this time。He was secretly swearing,He will never drink again in this life,This may be worse than drinking poison。
A hot towel gently rubbed his face,Xia Jian spent a lot of effort,Barely opened my eyes,What you see is a snow-white thigh。
Xia Jian was shocked,How could this be,Did he put Xi Zhen to sleep??its not right!He and Zhu Hui are drinking,You can only sleep Zhu Hui!Xia Jian was completely blinded,He really doesn’t know what he did after drinking。
“Come!Drink this glass of water,You may vomit after drinking,You have to be prepared“Xi Zhen’s voice rang in her ears again,Xia Jian nodded silently。
Then he was picked up,Xia Jian felt that she was lying in the soft arms of a woman。

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