“Since this is said,Then I feel this time.,We should be able to go out.。”

“so,Everyone is ready to prepare,Let’s take it directly。”
Shen Xuan put his hand,In front of you,The clouds are light and light.。
And Shen Xuan’s side,Warrior of other war temple,All the things are exported。
Especially in Shen Xuan’s words,What is even more, the more I feel that I feel excited?。
Since now,It has become this,So what else can be said?。
Preparation is almost,Go directly,Solve this matter,Can’t you??
Not far from,Those guards,It is very surprised。
Especially now,With Shen Xuan, they suddenly appeared in front of their eyes。
Ren’s guards,I am nervous。
“not good,they are……”
Especially in front of you,When these guards,I plan to speak on the front of my eyes.。
However,I haven’t waited until this.,For these things。
In fact, Shen Xuan itself,I don’t think it is,What will there?。
Even so,but now,Shen Xuan is very calm:“Be right,I am Shen Xuan,Tell you the owner,I am coming!”
How is the sixth chapter so quickly?
Ren Tian also arranged here。
After all, I will follow it.,There is also a series of things,No arrangement is properly。
and,This time,Ren Tian needs to do。
That is, it is important to solve these all one.。
if not,Continue here,In fact, it is itself.,But it is fundamental,Not enough。
As for Ren Tian,Think about it。
not far away,A guard,Accelerate speed running。
Run forward,These guards,I don’t forget it directly.。
“Housekeeper,Great event,Shen Xuan came。”
This news,In front of you,It is like a sunny day.,Let everyone,Not expected at all。
How is the end of the end,The result is actually turning it now.?
But here,These things have happened。
So next,I should try to solve this thing.。
How do you see,In fact itself,It is completely insufficient.。
Although it is said so far,But next,How should I deal with?。

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