Lin Fengnan bit his mouth:“I am visiting the Dragon Yuan Master today.,I don’t have a Dragon’s merits.,But you can make a transaction with Longyuan Master.。”

“In fact, the dragon is immersed there.2000Everyone is enough。”Long Japan low channel:“He has already earned a lot.,And will ask for help you to do this。”
“it is good,it is good,This matter is troublesometh brother,I owe the sunny brother.。”Lin Feng looks deeply at Longsi Tiandao。
“Lin brother,What is my polite?,Rest assured to contact proud things in me。”Dragon Day。
“Lin brother。”The gold wheel came back to Lin Feng to watch Lin Feng Road in front of Lin Feng.:“I am not worth it.。”
“You don’t have to say something。”Lin Feng directly interrupted the golden wheel back.:“I will go to visit the Dragon Way Master.。”
“This golden brother,Don’t think too much,Lin brother shot for you,appreciate this opportunity!”Dragon Day is also a long-lasting shoulder。
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Chapter 1518 Longyuan Master
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“I understand,This time I took the far away from the mother.。”Golden wheel returns a little bit。
Before leaving, you will prepare this hidden。
He dares to return to the family,I am afraid that it is disaster for the people.,Make more achievements unless a day practice。
“If it is possible,The lower world is also a good choice。”Lin Feng looked at the golden wheel back suddenly。
“Lower boundary?What is easy??It’s hard as it。”Golden wheel returns the mouth with bitter smile。
“Brother,This is hard to fall.。”Dragon day laughs,Lin Feng has such a horrible financial resources,The lower world is really small。
“Lin brother,You go back.?”Golden wheel can’t help but ask。
“gone back,do not worry,Your youni is now the high level of the seven continent。”Lin Feng looked at the gold wagon:“I just came back from the lower bound.,The lower boundary is very good。”
“it is good,it is good,it is good,I am completely peaceful.。”Golden wheel comes back to the face of smile:“If you have the opportunity to bottom,correct,I was found to find a blood ginseng in the southeast of the gods.。”
“Jade?Where is he now?”Lin Feng heard the surprise,Actually have a message,This is very good.。
At the beginning, I entered the gods together.,There is a north yin yang in the middle.,Brahma news,There is a news of Shangguan Yue,No news of the yeah。
Yeah is a big brother of his brother.,And together from the lower bound,Love brother。
“Mean,I followed it.,It is lost,But he should nothing now.。”Gold wheel。
“Nothing,All right,You are waiting for me here.,I am going to visit the Dragon Way Master.。
”Lin Feng immediately decided to handle this thing。
“it is good!”
The gold wheel returned to the words of Lin Feng serious:“Lin brother,thanks。”
“You’re welcome。”
Lin Feng is turned to turn around and the dragon.,Golden wheel looks at Lin Feng’s figure for a long time。
“dad,He won’t lie to us.?”Kingling quiet。
“Will not,He is naturally atmospheric,Hey,Under the lower bound,What I admire is him.。”Golden wheel back sigh:“The seven continent four in the past,Only he is humble,Other people,Leaders including other forces have large backgrounds,However, only he is on,Sweep all the forces of the four continental four,Finally become the first person in the lower bound!”
“It is indeed a gainful figure,He is now good in the gods.。”Kingling Road。
“Of course not bad,I am selling blood ginseng today.,I heard that there is a family member for the Monte Mon.,This dragon Dragon day held an exchange meeting.,Xianjin,God,Xi Tian Temple,The power of the Moz is here,Ladder,His position is the highest,Midway and Xian people’s strong gambling20Billion-time crystal,As a result, the fairy lost was very miserable.,Therefore, I am alarmed the main temple of the Arctic Temple.,Directly reward him。”Golden wheel recalls:“I started thinking that the name,But I can’t think of it.,Don’t be gambling。”
“Gamble?”Golden Bell is shocked。
“The gambling and the gods have nothing to do.,The gambling is just a code in the lower bound.,Gambling,For example, this time he gambling is very crazy,40Billion-time crystal,I am afraid that the dragon is growing old and I will take out so much.!”Gold wheel。
“Really powerful。”Kingling Road。
“This is only for a long time?He has such a achievement,Let me think of him when he is down.,Midway and major forces deficiency and committed snake,The forces of their own business are slow to grow into the first major forces。”Golden wheel back sigh。
“dad,You mean that he will become the gods.?”Jinling is a bit daren with imagination.。
“Just premonning,History often has amazing similarity,You see that the dragon is now known for his attitude.。”Golden wheel looks at the distant void,He saw a hopeful hope。
Deep,A farmhouse,Blue brick stone tile,It looks like a small courtyard of the city.,The small courtyard blooms,A strain Shenlian planted in the small courtyard,A crane hairstyle Yan Yan is sitting in the small courtyard。

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