So next,How to deal with it?。

In fact, they look at them.,I will wait for it now.,When did it start?。
Zhu Yunjie,When you are in front of you,It is an active activity,Don’t forget to say this。
“very good,This is actually,It is what I want to see.。”
“So next,Pack up,Put this matter,Give me completely solved!”
When Zhu Yunjun said,Those people around you,Has been completely out of。
“it is good,Pair,In fact, let’s everyone.,I should do this very much.。”
“Yes,This is of course,otherwise,Let’s everyone,There is no need to gather here.。”
“Boss,You are talking directly.,Let’s go,When is it??”
This,Surroundings,The more it, the more excited。
So,Even in their look,In fact, this time,They have fully occupied the opportunity。
“at this point,Said so much,What is the use??”
“all in all,Now,I will do it according to this method.。”
When Zhu Yunjun said,He at this time,Look very much。
After all, I will follow it.,These things,How should I solve it?。
In fact, their hearts are deep,Some somewhat eager to try。
Even hate,Next words,Intensify,Thoroughly solve the things here。
As for Zhu Yunjie,It is the front side of the eye.,I didn’t forget it directly.。
“all in all,Now we have completely occupy the opportunity.,Next thing,Give it to everyone。”
“No matter what you plan to do next,I just see the result,That is him,Be sure to die!”
Zhu Yunjie’s eyes,It is even more hot.。
And Zhu Yunjie’s side,When other people see this scene,Then it is more excited.。
After all, I will follow it.,These things itself,What need to do in the end?,In fact, Zhu Yunjie’s heart,This thought is strong。
“all in all,Since it is already here now。”
“So next words,Urgent,It is thoroughly handled the things here again.。”
When Zhu Yunjun said,The more excited of those people around you。
Just kill the head of the War Temple,So next,these questions,Will no longer be a problem.。
So when I think this is,Zhu Yunjie’s eyes,It’s even a murder.。
“J,Also think about blocking!”
What is the 649th chapter so slow?
at this time,Shen Xuan sitting there。
A slate god look,It seems to be all around this,For Shen Xuan。
In fact, it is also fundamental.,Nothing。
But the more it looks now.,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,He itself,It is even more uncomfortable.。
“Now,Still still there is still??”
“how,So slow?”

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