Because she is unskilled by her business, And the tension in your heart,How much is a little force,So the volume is not controlled when the speech,In the end, a few words are sessions.,The empty bamboo forest ring is ringing——

“Woolen cloth!”
How can things like this??
枝 欲 欲 无 无 地 地:Isn’t I said that there is no sentence to make this man feel the hot feelings??
Although she did not have related experiences, But also know,love, Shouldn’t touch it with embarrassment?!
If the consultant is taken at this time“echo”Come to tease her,Her fantasy castle is completed, By the way, on the spot, Leave this beautiful repair。
“Sister, You are——”
Consultant’s atrial and clearly revealed hesitation and examining tone, Rating slightly,“It is very funny。”
And I can only smile and be strong.jg
Yan Zhi laughed two times:“hehe,Yes?”
Consultant is a bit first,Be sure,There is no unpropted tone,He even learned the way,Lip corner functions as response,“hehe。”
This is a master!
this moment,Yan Zhi finally understood what he would be impossible to the third male master.,Even a fear of abnormalities:This guy is in setting up“Lonely words”,It means that his person doesn’t like to get along with people.、comminicate,But does not mean that he is not good——He is very poisonous.!!
Not close to others,Ironstone heart,Quirky is still poisonous tongue。
How can this configuration reach a chaseheAchievement,Not alone, I am sorry to set it.。
Advisor is in vain,In addition to the strange pick,No special presence from her;But why are she exposed when I first saw the expression,When jade is delivered to him,Hand shaking it。
He is extremely good.,Even the face is meticulously changed,Non-Yi Nai, etc. Easy to fail,Others don’t have to say,Never be discovered。
It is because I feel that I am suspicious.,Today’s weather is good,He will be willing to stop with her nonsense.。
“The sister seems to have something to say.?”
Consultant’s naturally dropped right hand,Escore and thumb。
枝 is full of face,Consciously have completed today’s drama:“seem……Nothing to say。Delayed the master’s business,It’s really couldn’t,It’s really the red line of the destiny.,I am also unable to block。”
She raises her hand quickly,Hold a punch:“I will leave this.,Teacher brother,see you later!”
Said to turn around。
Advisor’s sleeves were taken in the wind, and the wind of her is.,He is looking at the sentence“The red line of fate is rolling”,I feel that the shit is not affected.,But there is no interesting,I have a definition of branches.:
The branch flying on the road is also in the belly:

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