Zhu Xinli sorrows,Oh, laugh and fix it.:“Row,Then I have a few ways.,I haven’t eaten Lu cuisine for a while.,Just like the total light of King today,Tasting the taste of our hometown。

But Identification, I am afraid I don’t want to be my heart.,咱 咱 食 食 家,Cuisine can distinguish two,So eaten or not eaten,If you are fine, you don’t understand.。”
“fine,There are two two.。”Wang traffic laughs and hand menu。
Zhu Xinshu,Look for a while,Have a few dishes。
At the end, the king was completed and completed two,A few bottles of wine。
Waiting for the empty file,Wang flow straight into the top:“Invite Zhu to come over today,You also know what is it?,I will not get around the circle.,Huiyuan’s good development,I am also more optimistic about domestic drinks.,Interested investment,I don’t know what Zhu always is.?”
Can introduce the company to the company,He is naturally willing,Otherwise, he will not come today.,However, Zhu Xinli has not performed too much.,Business for so many years,Too active often will lose this truth, he still understands.。
Slightly sink,He only opened the road:“I am coming today.,I want to see the king.,I am also more interested in this investment.,But in the commercial speaker,Cannot be in the end?,Still have to see what the king will always give me anything.。”
Turning,Zhu Xinli looks to Wang traffic:“I don’t know how much Wang is the valuation of our company.?How many funds want to vote、How much shares?”
“I heard that Zhu Gang, I have talked to Delong.,Prepare flowers7Billion to buy Delong hand51Huiyuan Shares,According to this price,14If the billion should compare the current valuation of Huiyuan,As for how much money……”
Wang traffic looked at Zhu Xinli,Laugh:“If Zhu is willing,These seven billion funds I can help Zhu,Used to take over Delong hold51Shares,How about it?”
“Wang Zhenggong Class is very good.,But that’s all the beginning of the year.,It is now over half a year.,The company’s performance has grown a lot,Use the price of half a year to give the current valuation,I am afraid a bit is not suitable.?”
Zhu Xinli smiled,Positive color:“I don’t want to tell you.,Just yesterday,I just checked the bet to gamble with Durong Tang.,To use eight billions,Acquisition of shares in his hand。”
“Yes?That valuation is pressed16Billion is good,Acquisition of funds or I came out,Eight million,Used to take over Delong hold51Shares,How is Zhu General??”Wang Flow easy。
Just now, the valuation of Zhou Zhixiong is about 155 billion,However, compared with the future potential of Huiyuan,More than two hundred million,Don’t care。
As for the shares,It is rare to meet a potential stock,Naturally, the better, the better。
Zhu Xinshu frowned,He is willing to introduce the company in the company.,Can not mean that he is willing to put the control capacity,In case two, the two have a conflict,Wang Flow’s strength,Easily take away his control of the company,Too big risk。
He just wants to borrow Tian Sheng to develop the company,I have never thought of giving my life.。
“16Billion’s valuation is no problem,But the company does not need so much funds,If Wang, if you want to vote,I can accept up to four billions.,Let you take over the Germany、255Shares,what do you think?”
He is currently only lack of two hundred million,But if only two hundred million,All the money taken to acquire the shares held by Deron,Company funds can be seen。
After the company is working in the future,Development needs more money,Rare opportunity,He didn’t mind, and more than two hundred million。
“255NS?”Wang flows up,A little disappointed,He also thinks that you can take a lot of shares.,The result is only half。
See Zhu Xinli attitude,255Obviously it is the bottom line he can accept.,He wants to bargain again,Basic use is not large。
The rose nor has no more mouthfuls.,Fast:“alright,Then255,You see you, which day is convenient,Let’s sign the contract.。”
Be formed……Zhu Xinshu,Laugh:“The sooner the better,Not,I am gamble with Durong,The deadline is a week,I have been a day today.,Six days left,Gain time,Free night long dreams。”
Wang Liu haha smiles:“have to,Then wait a moment,I am now going to fit the contract.,Let’s sign later。”
NS510chapter you again
“Two brother,How much money is raised??”
Delong Headquarters,In the office,Tang Wanxin called the phone。
Huiyuan funds,Zhu Xinli wants to raise money is not easy,What are they easy??On the pressure of funds,They can be larger than Huiyuan。
For funding money,The day before yesterday, I have finished my gambling.,He went to Zhejiang, Tangwan Ping.,Find private lending agencies to contact lending。
Bank is not thinking,One week for the gambling period,Time is too tight,Go to the bank to borrow money,Don’t do it in the formalities。
I have owed the bank a butt debt.,Even if time is enough,I really don’t necessarily borrow.。

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