I have passed by it.。”

I immediately said my position directly.。
No five minutes,Ding Road is a wind and fire.。
The attitude of the Ding Road is very respectful to Li Dequan from the cloud gate from the cloud.,Then I invite Li to go to the bus with the wind.。
So respecting Di Road,Li Dequan didn’t feel anything with Lin from the cloud,But Li Hui is a little uncomfortable.。
soon,Ding Road took three people to the first floor of Haitian early.。
See the seal on the sea sky,Li Hui Rong suddenly feels some familiarity。
“Ding Da Ge,Who is the first floor of this sea??
Who is the industry?”
Chapter 297, Kowloon, Mo Bao
Li Hui Rifeng suddenly found a problem,The entire Huashan City seems to have a little graded hotel in the hotel with Zheng Jia’s seal.。
Emgrand,This is the same on the first floor of the sea today.。
“Laughed,This is the family,As soon as Zheng’s family, I don’t know.,But I know the boss here.,how?
Xiao Li knows the people of Zheng Jia?”
“Forehead,Aware of two,But there is no too much communication.。”
“hehe,All right,Let’s eat first,eat first。”
Say,Ding Lu is enthusiastic to invite several people to the private room.。
Soon, a disc of a disc is open.。
For price,Although Li Hui does not know how much,But before I heard that Li Dequan is absolutely incapable.。
“Xiao Li,Come,Today, Ding, but it is broken.,Try this Emerald White first,This disk is a few hundred pieces of。”
Li Hui Roots did not find any jade white lotus,Until Li Dequan first,Take the piece of cucumber,Then touch the middle snow white garlic,He knows that this is the so-called jade white lotus.。
And the value is still a few hundred plums, and it is also handled.,Take it,The taste is really crisp,tasty,Add garlic with garlic,Spicy,It is really good to taste。
But in his heart, this taste is also a taste that has been taken from the vegetable garden and then makes a cucumber with garlic.,How can this be sold so expensive??
Li Dequan opened like this,Ding Road is naturally very grateful,After all, a cucumber,No one introduces it, it will definitely not know the value.。
“Li brothers,No price,Despite eating,Come and taste this glass banquet。”
See the fried cabbage of Ding Road,Li Hui has some speechless。
It is a glass banquet that wrapped a layer of syrup above the cabbage.?
Today, these dishes are really letting Li Hui’s own eyes.。
“Ding Da Ge,This plate is also a lot of money.?”
“Hey-hey,Not expensive,Not expensive,More than 300。”
This price is directly surprised to take the wind.,Why didn’t he think of a few cattle in the village, a catty of a catty, you can sell three hundred disks here.?
This is simply grabbing money.。

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