Both people nodded。

“Not exaggerated,Not exaggerated at all,If you don’t believe, you can take a look.。”
Master Yunyang still grabbed the summer wrist,Continue to complain,“Various spiritual herbs spirit,I have risen on this financing cost.,Be big.。”
What he said is the fact。
Today’s summer,There is such a big influence。
One sentence makes the chaos of the spirit market,I have gathered a long time.。
So,Drive all the price increase。
Summer is sinking,“Would you like me?,Cancel this?”
阎阳 一。
He is also preparing to continue to complain。
Summer nice head,“I said that I have received enough spirit.,Will not continue to acquire。”
Yan Yang master dry cough,“Unnecessaries,Xia Master is not easy.,cough……Xia Master,I now only one forty-year-old He Shouwu。”
A sealed crystal box appears in the palm。
Lying in a purple Polygonum,And already have a humanoid contour。
He handed the summer,Beiba Road,“400,000 years of He Shouwu,Can Xia Master can’t refine a Ding Ding for me??”
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NS3531chapter Converge
Summer stunned。
怔怔 怔怔 阳,I can’t cry。
The master of this refining drug will be stuck in a meeting.,It turned out to be hit this idea。
He followed the people behind him and the black and black sneakers.。
Confused, Dai Dongfeng and Wang Yixin also revealed that。
Previous time,Master, Qiyang came to the employees.,Say what you say。
The two have a good language and conquer the half,Said that summer is in turn,The other party is not willing to leave。
It turned out here waiting here.。
What is the price increase,What is big,What Dan Pharmaceutical is not available?……All is nonsense。
He just wants summer refinery。
“All right。”
Summer picking box,Quite non-speechless,“Master Yunyang,We are all acquaintances,I want to let me refine.,Why do you turn around?。”
阎阳 old face,Somewhat embarrassing,Helpless,“Xia Master,I know now,You have 10% of the ability to refine five-character,I don’t even break this rule.,Can only be thick。”
Toned,Also,“Don’t look at me so big one Dan medicine Pavilion,But there is no genius treasure in 500,000 years.,This is the longest year,More than forty-two thousand years,Even if the old is inevitable,Use my words later,But please open。”
Summer laughter is called。
This is to 400,000 years,It’s already a spiritual class.,The energy contained in the contained energy should not be underestimated.。
For summer,Same as a huge role。
He inquiries in detail the various requirements of Yan Yang.,Finally, the other party is full of satisfaction.。
Next,Summer went to Dongfeng Board Refractive Pavilion。

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