Thousands of pine’s expression is like eating a green head fly.,Bearding the legs,Step step by step。

“I don’t have to apologize.。”
Summer,Immediately to Liangqiu and others,“Let it go,We last year,Have not seen two years,Take advantage of this time,Our narrative。”
“good,this way please。”
Liangqiu and others are naturally happy.,Invite summer to the left edge。 There is their site。
Gobian also smiled。
See this scene,Changming’s face changed,Out of the smile again,Similarly,Laugh,“Ha ha,Anyway, we are free.,Chat together,Liang President,You do not mind right。”
Liang Shuxin is a bit complex,No performance on the face,Laugh,“Of course, don’t mind,Changdao friends,this way please。”
A group of people walk to the left,Very casual disc.。
In addition to thousands of pine,Changming’s team also gathered around。
Those who think that strength is still good,Same in the peripheral disc。
This area has become a center。
Summer is chatting with the Zhengbai Chamber,I learned that there are four refineries.,Also said。
But only this。
He has seen too much life.,Said that he is cold,Hard or hard,There is no feeling in my heart.。
Since you choose to enter the Husband Mountain,Then you have to prepare for falling.。
Just like him,Know the big Luo Zun,Still choice。
most of the time,They are all Liangqiu and others say they have experienced these two years.,Summer occasionally insert。
Gob Sword smiled on the side,listen。
“correct,Your previous talents……”
What did you think of?,Can’t help but ask。
Talk,Liangqiu and Qin Night Yushu also brushed brushing。
they know,Summer is here there is a heavenly hierarchy enemy,Some worry between looks。
The normemon, etc. next to it is also colors.。
“what happened?”Changming is not sitting in the distance,“This summer has a big enemy?”
Thousands of pine’s eyes flashing virus。
He jammed,“Be right,That little scorpion was chased by a Tongtian,Two years ago, he is separated from us this reason.,This little scorpion is really good.,Actually didn’t die!”
Changming’s scorpion,No longer ask。
And at this time,Facing the eyes of color scales,Summer laughing,“Maybe a few,He will catch up.。”
I heard this sentence,Liangqiu et al. All overcome。
Changming’s mouth is even more,I can’t help but ask again.,“Summer brother,what are you guys saying,How can I understand?。”
Summer look,Hague corner brings together,Like laugh,“I have a big enemy of Tong Tianqiang.,If I speculate good words,Maybe not used long?,He will catch up。”
Fall into the voice,The whole audience is silent。

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