And the people around,They are very outraged,See here,Don’t forget to say here。

“Since I have said so now,Then what are we doing?”
“makes sense,Actually originally,We should think about it,What should I do next。”
“What you want me to say,Don’t worry about these problems for now,Let’s just go in and take a look。”
Look around those people,Although Qiandu Building is very powerful。
but,If they want to rush,Actually it’s not impossible。
So when these people are all looking at here。
obviously,What will these things represent,Actually just these problems,It’s already very simple。
And look at these,The more so,In fact, Han Tianlong has already thought of。
“It seems,You all are right,Qiandu Building,I should have a good meeting with them!”
When Han Tianlong said these words,obviously,Deep in the hearts of those around you,Even more eager to try。
Other things,Don’t worry about anything for now。
But the more so,Actually from now on,These things,What should I do。

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