And there is also a gambling agreement with Zhou Zhixiong,Be careful to make some reactions,Consolidate the advantages of Tian Sheng in the online market.。

“Listening is still very lively,Let’s don’t idle.,《Miracle》Has been signed for half a year,It is also the arrangement.,Go to prepare,Prepare public beta,We also release new work.,Go together。”
I didn’t launch before,Be worried《Miracle》A public test,will affect《legend》Rising momentum,Further, affecting his potential benefits。
Now the group,《legend》The upward trend has slowed down,Then there is nothing concern.。
Li Xiangtao laughed:“I also want to ask you.,Do you want to launch a situation?《Miracle》,Consolidate the market,I didn’t expect that I didn’t think of a piece.。
Since you have no opinions,Then I will start to arrange it.,It is in October now,Go back and have prepared it.,How do you feel about yourself in November??”
November public beta,End of two months of public beta,When you start charging operation,Just catch up with New Year’s Day,Holiday,Also just convenient results……Wang traffic nodded,Praise:
“Good day picking,Press you,November public beta,The rest of you look at the preparation。”
Li Xiang Tao is full of smile,road:“it is good,Pack of me。”
NS206chapter 《Miracle》Public beta
Benefited from《legend》Lay the foundation,Establish a perfect declaration channel,《Miracle》The preparation progress is very smooth。
Half a month,The game quickly pushed throughout the national Internet cafe,At 10 o’clock in November 1,Officially opened public beta。
Before the door。
Luo Qiang and friends Zhang Li Xin will come over and come over。
Zhang Li Xinshou asked:“Is your Zuma suit??How many levels now?”
“Nope,I haven’t played for a long time.《legend》NS,Feel borne。”Luo Qiang shook his head,Expression disdain。
Zhang Lixin laughs:“《legend》Still?This is the most hot game now.,I heard that the number of registered people is over 20 million.,So many people feel more fun,As you feel……I look at you too food.,Can’t play,So I don’t dare to play.?”
“My dishes?You don’t have fun.,《legend》A copy of the launched,Which one I didn’t pass?,kI only lost two games now.,This also called vegetables?I am not rare to play at all.。”Luo Qiang is like being stepped on the tail,Sudden fried hair,Sector denial。
Zhang Li Xinzi:“You can pull down.,Copy, you are all cleared.,Which is not looking for a person??kOnly lose two games……You are sure because your technology is good,Not youkIs there a small number of times??
Play now a totalkA few games,Come,Say, let me listen。”
Luo Qiang face,It seems that lies are dismantled,Some somewhat inadvertent。
Zhang Li Xin is actually a good,He doesn’t play the legend,Indeed because he is too vegetable。
Legendary fire,Friends are beginning to play,He also followed it for a while,But the talent is limited,No matter how hard,Technology is improving,Every time you play a copy, you have to find someone.,He is a bit embarrassed to ask for it.,Go back to playk,It’s more,I only played two,He has never touched。
Heavy strike,Containment with him《legend》The enthusiasm is also worse.,Until finally abandoned。
What is really a matter?,But Zhang Lixin is so straightforward, can’t,Does he not face??
Luo Qiangli neck:“You have played a few,Anyway, I only lost two。”
Zhang Li Xin blinked,Guess:“You will not only play two.?If this is the case,You can’t call only two games.,Your name is 100%。”
“roll roll roll,You can’t fall。”Luo Qiang was angry into his anger.。
Zhang Lixin haha laughed:“It seems that really, I guess it.,You really have only played two games.?Then you still say anything,You are clear that the vegetables are not moving.,Ride。”
Luo Qiang mouth hard:“You tonless,I have said to you.,I am not rare.,Not a vegetable。”
Zhang Li Xinzhu:“Not admitted yet?Row,Have the ability to follow mekA game,Let me see if you have lost two technology,Have more powerful。”

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